Nikkei: Sony to move camera production out of China

Sony camera rumours 2016


Sony is moving the bulk of its camera production out of China and into Thailand, according a report in the financial publication, Nikkei.

The respected Japanese publication claims that Sony Group has moved some 92% of its camera production to Thailand, with the production left remaining in China to be solely for the Chinese market.

The new production facilities in Thailand will service Sony’s markets in Europe, Japan and the United States. Last year Sony sold more than 2 million cameras in its global markets.

Nikkei states that Sony took the decision in order to diversify its supply chain in response to China’s strict Covid lockdowns last year which saw many factories have to completely shut down. Nikkei says that the current trade war between China and the US was also a factor in the decision.

While camera production will be moving, Sony’s lens production will remain in China for now, Nikkei states.

Via DPReview via DigiCame