NASA’s Orion Spacecraft captures peeps at the moon on its way home

Orion spacecraft flyby photo of the moon


We recently reported that Nasa’s Orion Spacecraft was fitted with consumer cameras (opens in new tab) to capture photos on the Artemis 1 mission. Since then, Orion has completed several lunar fly-bys, performed a flight test around the moon, has traveled the farthest distance it will travel from the earth – 268,563 miles, and all the while it has been capturing photos of the moon and our blue planet. 

As it nears the end of its journey, Orion has just sent back another stunning photo – this time a close-up of the moon’s surface as it prepares for its return home. In the distance, you can see the Earth rising behind it in a crescent moon shape and a small red dot is just a camera artifact (digital, unintentional changes as a result of the inner workings of your camera).