Brightseed Proclaims 2023 the Year of the Bioactivist as Consumer Interest in Nature-Derived Solutions Surges

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The company is debuting a certified organic version of its Bio 01 fiber ingredient for gut health

Brightseed, the bioactives company, released new research today showing there is a significant subset of consumers who are engaged in a new horizon of science-based, natural solutions for health: bioactives.

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A Brightseed survey of U.S. adults uncovered a significant subset of consumers who are engaged in a new horizon of science-based, natural solutions for health: bioactives. More than a quarter of respondents were identified as “bioactivists,” consumers who believe “food can be as powerful as medicine” and would pay a premium for novel bioactive health solutions. (Photo: Business Wire)

Bioactives are compounds that promote growth found in plants, fungi, and microbes that have the potential to reshape the nutraceutical industry and help consumers achieve their health goals. Brightseed’s study identified a new consumer segment of “Bioactivists” (27 percent of adults) who believe “food can be as powerful as medicine” and would pay a premium for novel bioactive health solutions. This finding presents a new opportunity for functional food and beverage brands to innovate products aimed at this early adopter segment. Access Brightseed’s infographic detailing the survey findings here.

The Bioactivist Consumer

In 2022, Brightseed surveyed more than 2,800 U.S. adults to explore consumer understanding and awareness of bioactive compounds and their potential for human health. The research also measured sentiment, interest, and knowledge of health and nutrition, which is where the Bioactivist segment emerged – a new category of consumer representing more than a quarter of U.S. adults.

While 62 percent of general consumers reported they are interested in learning more about bioactives, Bioactivists – highly motivated, health-conscious consumers who prioritize nutrition as a proactive health measure – were significantly more engaged. In addition, half of Bioactivists reported they are dissatisfied with the market’s current natural solutions for health, and more than half (52 percent) said they would pay more for bioactive-containing products.

“Bioactivists are seeking proactive and preventative health solutions in a very targeted manner, and their heightened awareness on health topics has a direct impact on their evaluation of products and purchasing behavior,” Brightseed’s VP of Marketing Michelle Masek said. “Our findings show these Bioactivist consumers are hungry to find bioactives on the labels of their trusted brands.”

Opportunity for Functional Food & Beverage Brands

Brightseed’s findings echo industry research on how consumers are zeroing in on health as a key motivating factor driving the rise of organic, clean label, and functional food and beverage categories. Recent natural product industry analysis confirms there has been a “fundamental shift” in the consumer’s definition of healthy, where more shoppers today are interested in “the healthy components within” versus removal of the “bad,” like trans fats and added sugars.

As Brightseed’s Forager® A.I. technology connects these plant compounds and human biology, and more clinical research on bioactive compounds validates their health benefits, academics and industry leaders are investigating bioactives’ contribution in health and nutrition and considering their role in dietary recommendations.

“Health-conscious consumers are trained to seek out products containing certain label claims, vitamins, minerals, or classes of antioxidants, but our findings show that there’s a huge unmet opportunity to address the needs of Bioactivists who are drilling deeper in the science,” Brightseed’s VP of Bioactives Alina Slotnik said. “Bioactive ingredients are the next generation of health ingredients and a novel way to deliver differentiated benefits.”

Brighteed Bio 01 Organic Debuts at Natural Products Expo West

Brightseed is debuting a new certified organic version of Brightseed Bio 01 to better align with Bioactivists’ desires at Natural Products Expo West booth 4379, March 7-11.

Brightseed Bio 01 is a novel hemp fiber ingredient for gut health formulated for use in functional foods, beverages, and supplements. Derived from upcycled hemp hulls and formulated to optimize bioactive content, Brightseed Bio 01 is the only dietary fiber on the market that contains two bioactive compounds, NCT and NFT, that show promise to support gut barrier integrity in preclinical studies.

The new certified organic version of Brightseed Bio 01 can be easily integrated into cereals, granolas, nutrition bars, and functional beverages, providing organic product manufacturers a new option to deliver the benefits of dietary fiber to their consumers.

About Brightseed

Brightseed is a pioneer in biosciences and artificial intelligence (A.I.) that illuminates nature to restore human health. Brightseed’s proprietary A.I., Forager®, accelerates bioactive discovery, biological validation and ingredient formulation from years to months, rapidly revealing new connections between nature and humanity. Through Forager® and clinical evaluation, Brightseed partners with organizations across the consumer health continuum to offer insight into the world of bioactives and health solutions. Visit to learn more.

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