Capture postpartum moments with a photography service 

Capture postpartum moments with a photography service 


SALT LAKE CITY, UT (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — The whole pregnancy looks different for everyone including the 4th trimester, or otherwise known as postpartum. During postpartum, there is a regular side effect is something called “post-partum mood disorder.” It can cause the parent to forget the early memories with their new baby due to stress. Today we were joined by Eva Cooper. She is a doula and a post-partum photographer, and is working on a photography series where she goes to the homes of postpartum families to documents their everyday experiences. This captures the real, raw moments of the early parenthood journey.

She started this project because she felt that she was robbed of her memories of the postpartum stage. There is a fog that can come over new parents that makes it seem like you’ll remember the small details 6 months later, but the brain fog makes it so you can’t remember anything. Her goal is to treasure and create conversation about starting a postpartum photography trend.  

You might be wondering how this process works. Cooper offers labor and delivery photography, then once the new parents are settled at home, she get to know her clients and spends a day taking pictures of them in their daily life with the baby. This will capture moments like, baby’s first diaper, baby’s first bottle, breastfeeding, baby’s first cuddles.  

If you are interested in this service, you can contact her via Instagram and her website. It is $350 for the entire service but if you are willing to sign a model release, she does a pay-what-you-can service where you accommodate to her needs and pay what you can, and she’ll do the service.