Midland-themed photo book publishes by former resident

Midland-themed photo book publishes by former resident


When it was time for Lucrecia Di Bussolo move out of Midland, she left a token of her appreciation to the city behind.

The photographer and Argentina native moved back to her home country in December after living in Midland for six years.

Recently, Bussolo published a Midland-themed photo book, “Pictures of Midland, Michigan” full of images of the scenery she found around the city.

Bussolo developed a love of photography as a child. She was gifted her mom’s SLR camera after high school.

When attending school for architecture, she took a black and white photography course that built the foundations of her skills. She loved photography, taking her camera equipment everywhere with her during her travels. However, Bussolo chose to focus on developing her architecture career and put aside her passion for photography. 

Bussolo is from Buenos Aires, the metropolitan capital of Argentina, which does not provide a lot of opportunities for nature or four-season photography.

This was something she grew to appreciate when living in Midland.

She moved to Midland with her husband and two daughters about six years ago when he got a promotion at Dow. When she was unable to find a job as an architect in Midland, Bussolo began taking care of the children at home and found herself with a lot of free time. With this free time, she reconnected with her passion of photography and was astonished by the nature in the city.

“In the beginning, I just wanted to be with myself to find peace and details in nature,” Bussolo said. “Finding beauty in just a leaf of a tree can be an amazing photo.”

She focused on taking photos of nature scenes around Midland, moments of people in public spaces and even tried astrophotography as well. Looking through pages of the book can find shot from Dow Gardens, the Tridge, and local wildlife.

When Bussolo’s husband switched job positions with Dow, the family started the process of moving. As she was preparing to move from the city, she put together a small photo book about Midland to give to the friends she made here. After thinking the book over, she thought to share it with the rest of Midland.

After fleshing it out, Bussolo released the book in late January. She said it could make a good souvenir for those coming through Midland.

“I was just enjoying photography and the real reason for this was to leave my footprint in Midland,” Bussolo said. “I wanted to share my experience of photos in Midland with my friends and the community.”

Her book can be purchased at the Barnes and Noble in the Midland Mall, on Amazon and on the publisher’s website. Her photography can be viewed on her Instagram page, lucedala.