Behind the lens: ‘Don’t compare your pictures to others’

Behind the lens: 'Don't compare your pictures to others'

THE South Wales Argus Camera Club has more than 5,000 members and we regularly feature their pictures both in paper and online.

But we thought it would be good to find out more about the people who make up the club.

If you are a member of the club and want to be part of the our Behind the Lens feature go to and fill out the easy to use Q&A.

Today we meet Lawrence Mears, 56, who is a parts supervisor.

Taken at Newport Wetlands

When and why did you take up photography?

About three years ago. I had always had an interest in photography but just never had a decent camera.

Why do you love taking pictures?

I enjoy looking at the world in different ways, and trying all aspects of photography, from portrait to astrophotography, nature etc

Sunset at Cold Knap Barry

Where is your favourite place to take pictures and why?

I am always looking around for things that would make a good picture, so the places vary.

What equipment do you use?

Nikon Z50, with various other lenses, 14mm-600mm.

Fireworks at Penarth Beacon

What is the favourite picture you have taken and why?

One of my most recently liked photos, but it’s so difficult to choose a favourite, having taken more than 20,000 photos.

Taken at the Scary Circus event in Ebbw Vale. Lawrence said: “My first attempt at portrait photography. Wasn’t sure how to approach the subject, as it was my first portrait event.”

Why did you join the SWACC and what do you get out of being a member of the group?

As I took the photo in the Gwent area, I was looking for a group to share it with.

What advice would you give anyone who wants to get into photography?

Don’t expect miracles over night. It can be a steep learning curve if you decide to take that path. And you will always criticise your own work – don’t compare your pictures to others.

Forest Farm, Cardiff

If you could photograph anyone or any place who/what would it be and why?

It would have to be myself, with the northern lights.