Is this the Nikon Z6 II’s lowest-ever price?

A photo of the Nikon Z6 ii on sale during black friday

If you’ve read our Nikon Z6 II review, and our Nikon Z6 review, you’ll be aware that usually — outside of a sale — we don’t think the successor is worth spending the extra hundreds of dollars, as there isn’t a drastic difference between the two.

That said, given that the Nikon Z6 II is now on sale with a 15% discount (opens in new tab), and available for $1696.95 at B&H Photo and Amazon, it is just $100 more than the Nikon Z6. In this instance, therefore, we think it’s worth choosing the newer and slightly more refined Nikon Z6 II. Read on to find out why.

The Nikon Z6 II’s body is weather resistant, with a large comfortable hand grip and a sturdy and durable build that gives it a reassuring feeling in the hand.

Although the body is fairly small, the large screen on top displays important information, and the tilting LCD touchscreen aids shooting at obscure angles, for example when it’s pointing up at the sky taking astro shots, no one want’s to kneel on the floor to compose their shot!

Because this camera excels in low light, even when shooting around ISO 12,800, you’ll find the Z6 II sitting in our best cameras for astrophotography buying guide. For low-light or astrophotographers, we recommend it over the Z7 due to its lower resolution and better noise handling. 

The Z6 II has a second memory card slot for extra storage, and for the $100 extra (in the deal) the extra slot might be worth its weight in gold if you’re anxious about only having one mode of storage without a backup while on a shoot.

The Nikon Z6 II also has a faster burst rate (14FPS v 12FPS) and snappier autofocus than its predecessor, it also processes images faster.

One final thing to mention, is the introduction of 60FPS at 4k video shooting, making it even more versatile and attractive to videographers and vloggers.

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