Healing arts business moves from New Mexico to East Peoria

Healing arts business moves from New Mexico to East Peoria

Wendy Jordan offers both healing sessions and classes in Reiki at her East Peoria home.

EAST PEORIA – Reiki master Wendy Jordan used to see clients on a mountain near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Now she works on the deck of her East Peoria home beside a waterfall flowing into pond filled with giant koi fish.

“I made a vow years ago, that whenever I do healing work, I want to be in nature because that’s what opened me up spiritually,” said Jordan, owner of Wendy Jordan Healing Arts. “I just didn’t want to be some place where you had to rent a little room and have it feel kind of medical.”

A Chicago native, Jordan lived in Santa Fe for 13 years before moving back to Illinois in 2022 to be closer to her grandchildren. The home, situated on a wooded lot near Germantown Hills, is what brought Jordan and her husband, Roger Ayres, who is also a Reiki master, to the Peoria area.

“It’s like one of my little angels up there put this house on Zillow one day,” said Jordan. “We were not even looking at Peoria — I knew nothing about it. And I’m like, ‘Roger, look at this. With the pond and everything, wouldn’t that be the perfect place for people to come and get their stress relieving treatments?’ And here we are.”

Reiki master Wendy Jordon sees clients on the back deck of her East Peoria home, which overlooks a waterfall and koi-filled pond.

The road to Reiki

Jordan was working as a corporate photographer and videographer when she discovered Reiki, which is based on the Eastern idea that vital energy flows though the body. The Reiki practitioner helps promote healing and balance by redistributing energy through gentle touch or by simply holding their hands above a client’s energy centers.

“I was fascinated. As a photographer, we are all about our eyes and seeing. … There was nothing like, ‘OK, shut it all down, close your eyes and feel it with your heart, and see what you are capable of,’” said Jordan. “We all have this wonderful ability, tapping into what’s out there in the natural world without using our five senses – it’s kind of opening up the third eye, as we say.”

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Though Jordan took her first class just for fun, it began a journey that changed her life. She embarked on a year-long study program. When she got back home to Chicago, she began advertising her new side business, and by the early 2000s she was able to leave corporate photography behind.

Today, Jordan offers both healing treatments and classes. Treatments cost $95 for an hour, $130 for 90 minutes or $240 for three one-hour sessions. Jordon also does distant healings — an hourlong phone session is $85, and three sessions are $200.

Healing near and far

“So we all know the power of prayer, and energy work is actually the same way,” said Jordan about distant healing. “To this day, it’s almost like I do it and I can’t believe it — it’s like a miracle. You can send the energy, you can send the intention and literally pick up on the energy field of the person that’s nowhere in the vicinity and send healing. I have done that for many people when they’re in surgery. … It kind of creates this spiritual bubble around everybody in the operating room, that tapping in and asking the spiritual beings that are out there — the gods or angels, whoever you want to believe in — to just be there with that person, to keep the doctor focused. It’s like you give everybody the right energy, just make it the perfect place to do it and surgeries go better.”

Jordan’s clients from Santa Fe often request distant healings.

“I was surprised when I moved here, how many people still call me and say, ‘I can’t see you in person, but could we just try it?’” said Jordan. “They know me, and I know their energy so well. And we talk on the phone for a little while. Then I might take them through a meditation. … It gets them in this nice place, and I say ‘OK I’m gonna work on you, just hang up the phone,’ and they text me either later in the day or the next day and go, ‘Oh my gosh!’ It’s just sort of a blessing that we were given, as humans, that we can do this.”

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