Galaxy S23 camera teaser puts focus on night photography with ‘moon mode’

Galaxy S23 camera teaser puts focus on night photography with 'moon mode'


Samsung’s new Galaxy S23 cameras will benefit from a renewed focus on low-light and night photography, judging by leaked teaser videos.

The teasers, which have leaked out in gif form, feature phrases like “Capture the night, even in low light,” “Stunning night photos are coming soon,” and “Mode for moonlight.” The double-o’s in ‘soon’ and ‘moonlight’ are replaced by phone’s three camera lenses showcasing starry night scenes and the moon itself.

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While there are likely to be several new features Samsung is excited to crow about when the Galaxy S23 launches – expected to be at an Unpacked event on February 1 – it appears that astrophotography and performance in the dark might be at the forefront.

Another teaser, again leaked as a gif, features animated text reading “megapixels that’ll make you say wow” and “wow-worthy resolution is coming soon”, which suggests the company’s new 200-megapixel sensor will be on board.

The Korean smartphone giant first debuted an ISOCELL sensor capable of capturing the gigantic 200-megapixel images in 2021 and released the latest version, the ISOCELL HP3, in June last year.

We’ve expected this sensor, which is also capable of capturing 8K video at 30fps, to be integrated within the Galaxy S23 for quite some time now. The Galaxy S22 Ultra already has a 108-megapixel sensor, so if the company really is chasing resolution to make us say “wow”, the 200-megapixel sensor would be the next logical leap forward.

As we reported on today, a case leak suggested the sensors will indeed be larger, because the lens cutouts are larger than the S22 Ultra case. That’s a bit of a leap, perhaps, but it’s very much in line with the speculation we’ve been heading for months now.

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