Fujifilm X-App released – Camera Jabber

Fujifilm X-App released - Camera Jabber


Alongside the new Fujifilm X-S20, Fujifilm has released the Fujifilm App for its GFX and X Series cameras for seamless connectivity between the camera and smart device. According to Fujifilm, the new App makes a faster and more stable connection than the previous app, Camera Remote.

The Fujifilm X-App allows users to operate a GFX or X Series camera remotely via a connected smartphone or tablet and images can be checked in the Live View mode. It’s especially helpful for capturing group shots, photographs that include the photographer and for fixed-point shooting.

There’s also a new ‘Backup/Restore’ function that enables users to save the camera’s settings (including the Shooting Menu and Setup Menu) in the app and then reapply them to the camera. The app allows ‘Favorite’ camera settings to be saved and reapplied for different subjects and shooting situations. The camera settings can also be sent to several cameras of the same model.

The X-App debuts a new ‘Timeline’ function that collects and displays the transferred images with their shooting information including the camera and lens used, the number of images taken, the shooting location and more . It creates a photo diary style display. Meanwhile, ‘Activity’ automatically collates and displays the cumulative shooting information.

Fujifilm’s X-App is free and is available immediately for Android devices while iOS users have to wait an extra day (until 25th May 2023).