From Dramatic Locations To Dreamy Photo Sets, Here Are The New Trends In Wedding Photography


(MENAFN- Khaleej Times) Published: Thu 14 Sep 2023, 8:16 PM

Last updated: Thu 14 Sep 2023, 8:24 PM

It is said that the cake gets eaten, the flowers get withered but it is the wedding photos that last forever. Wedding pictures are a perfect way to preserve what are arguably the best moments of one’s life, and its value only increases with time.“Wedding photography is an art that stands as a testament to love; it transcends time. Cherished for generations, it is all about encapsulating emotions and not documenting pictures,” says Shrey Bhagat, founder and creative director, Raabta.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important aspects of a wedding is photography, which is getting bigger and better by the day. A multi-billion-dollar market that is growing exponentially, wedding photography has evolved tremendously over the years. From dramatic locations and dreamy photo sets to stunning imagery and visual storytelling, the trends in wedding photography are eclectic and exciting. Here is a look at some of the latest trends in this special genre of photography.

Creative, candid and collaborative

Gone are the days when wedding photography was a strictly formal affair and it was all about awkward posing and forced smiling before the camera.“Earlier, there was no real connection between a photographer and the couple, but now, couples and the photographer are a team and all decisions with respect to the approach and style of pictures are taken mutually.

It is all about capturing real, candid moments that tell the unique story of the wedding day,” says Himanshu Patel, founder, Epic Stories. Couples are totally involved in the creative process and the photography team spends hours listening to each couple’s story to understand the best way to capture the essence of their wedding.“Some couples even opt for a customised song dedicated to them, and this just adds a whole new dimension to storytelling with wedding photography,” adds Bhagat.

With the help of new technology and changing preferences, wedding photography has become more creative and dynamic. Photographers today are more focussed on capturing nuances, subtle expressions and feelings shared between the couple. While it could be casual interactions or intricate details, it is all about embracing the authentic, and even the imperfect, to capture the true spirit of the occasion.“Couples love how this gives them an output that is up close and personal. The beauty of these frames is that it is full of raw emotions, with an overlapping foon people,” quips Bhagat. As a result, conventional wedding albums have now transformed into beautiful fairy-tales that encapsulate the narrative of the couples’ journeys.

Latest trends for the Midas touch

Apart from candid images, drone shots have become a rage in recent times. With elaborate décor themes spanning from royal, traditional, tropical, vintage and even boho chic, drone shots are used to capture these details beautifully. Most weddings are all about rituals and elaborate ceremonies, and drone shots lend more gravitas to such pictures.

“Cinematic style photography is the trend these days with a foon candid videography. We work with the couple from months in advance to craft the complete narrative right from pre-wedding shoots, save-the-date creatives and even short, quick teasers with about 10-20 edited wedding pictures or a short film that is released on the same day for the couple to share on social media,” says Palani A, founder, S.A. Digital Studio, Bengaluru. He adds that editing is as challenging as the actual shooting and that the desaturated editing style is gaining popularity. This technique creates images that are artistically minimalistic with softer tones and an earthy, natural feel.

There are a number of couples adopting the vintage and nostalgic aesthetic in terms of black and white images and even hazy images that have an ethereal quality. Most photographers are using a slower shutter-speed to capture these soulful images.“We are also returning to using film to give photos a classic, old-fashioned feel. These dreamy pictures add an extra touch of magic and is akin to viewing the photo through a soft, gentle filter,” adds Patel. Such pictures often feel like they are carrying a memory right in the photo.“Controlled blurriness adds cinematic emotion and movement, focusing on moments and gestures,” says Jayant Chhabra, founder, Cupcake Productions.

Further, first look images are a huge trend as they capture one of the purest moments of weddings and seize that feeling forever through a perfect photograph. It also captures the emotional reactions of parents when they see their children for the first time in their wedding attire. Capturing bridal room chronicles with elaborate shots of the trousseau, jewellery and the whole journey of her getting ready is in vogue as is capturing your pets with you on your special day.

Tantalising techniques

Other trends include groomsmen shoots, veil shots and the use of GIFs. While bridal veil images exude an enigmatic and timeless appeal, pictures of the groom with his groomsmen having fun allows their personalities to shine through. After all, why should brides have all the fun? “GIFs are likely to be quite popular in the coming days. Imagine capturing a small moment from the wedding and turning it into a moving picture. It is like freezing a happy dance or a cute smile and making it come alive. These GIFs are like mini stories that show the feeling of the moment in a fun way in a jiffy,” says Patel.

Double-exposure photographs, underwater portraits and backlit silhouettes are the other techniques adopted by photographers to incorporate a unique and distinctive vibe. Artistic compositions with the strategic use of reflective surfaces like mirrors helps create exotic, unusual images and so does the use of smoke bombs which creates the perfect ambience for moments like the couple’s first dance. Post wedding shoots are also extremely popular.

Like all things, change is the only constant in the field of wedding photography too. Photographers spend a lot of time researching new styles and technology to stay relevant.“Keeping up with the trends in wedding photography requires a proactive, adaptive and continulearning approach. Attending meets by photography clubs and other workshops and conferences can help you gain valuable insights. Further, it is imperative to update your camera equipment, lighting gears, lenses and editing software,” concludes Chhabra.