Elevate Your Photography Game with the Benro Theta and Theta Max Tripods

Elevate Your Photography Game with the Benro Theta and Theta Max Tripods


Having a stable and reliable tripod to capture the perfect shot is important, and that’s why tripod manufacturer Benro has developed their latest innovation, the Theta and Theta Max tripods.

These intelligent modular travel tripods have auto-levelling, an auto-lock QR ring, and more features to enhance your photographic journey. And now, thanks to their successful Kickstarter campaign, they’re available for purchase.

The Theta and Theta Max tripods combine portability, stability, efficiency, and intelligence. They offer the same stability as a regular tripod but with many extras to assist you in taking the perfect shot with ease.

One of the standout features of the Benro Theta tripod is its automatic levelling. You no longer have to manually adjust the legs as Theta’s legs can be levelled automatically. Theta determines how many legs need to be adjusted simultaneously to reach the level as quickly as possible based on its current levelling status. This saves you time and energy, so you can stay focused on your composition.

But what if you need to adjust the ball head for composition? With the Theta ball head, you can turn it into a platform that is always level. This means you don’t have to worry about whether the framing is horizontal during the shoot, as it is always horizontal. The ball head can quickly switch between full range of free motion and pan & tilt motion. If you tighten the retractable knob on the side of the ball head, the ball head can then only move in the pan and tilt direction, while the roll axis is locked and always remains level with the tripod.

There’s the Benro Theta Max tripod for those who need even more stability and height. With a maximum height of 170cm, it maintains stability while shooting over obstacles or extends to your eye level, so you don’t have to hunch over. The Theta Max tripod has a unique centre column design that allows for zero wasted space while maintaining a round tube design. The centre column is trigonous, which means the contour of a round tube is divided into three equal concave parts – forming three inner arcs. This design allows Benro to keep the leg tubes round without compromising on size, ensuring greater stability.

Both the Benro Theta and Theta Max tripods are incredibly easy to use. Rapid leg deployment and retraction, camera mounting, dismounting, and precise control of camera movement are all smooth and fast. Plus, the anti-slip mechanism ensures your gear stays safe even if you forget to lock the foot completely or if the leg slides accidentally.

Benro understands that photographers and videographers have different needs, so they’ve created swappable smart modules to expand functionality. For instance, the Camera Control Module allows control of your camera from up to 150 feet away. You can set shutter speed, aperture, ISO, access live preview, and trigger the shutter from your smartphone to capture video or take photos. And the Optical Matrix Sensor module is the perfect assistant for time-lapse shooting. It detects ambient light in real time, enabling the camera control module to combine sensor inputs with advanced algorithms to dynamically adjust exposure settings.

The Theta tripods are not just any ordinary tripod. They’re smart, modular, and designed to make your photographic journey smoother and more efficient. With their successful Kickstarter campaign and glowing reviews from photographers and videographers alike, there’s no doubt that the Theta and Theta Max tripods are the perfect tools to elevate your photography game.

If you want to find out more about these innovative new tripods from Benro then check out the information on the company’s Benro Theta Kickstarter campaign