Dramatic Art Photography By Sukron Mamun Which Will Leave You Speechless

Dramatic Art Photography By Sukron Mamun Which Will Leave You Speechless

Some eternal bliss in the name of photography or photo art however you may call it. Meet Sukron from Indonesia who does wonders with his incredible style of photography. There is a wonderful fusion between photography and art with his works which makes us go in awe, the perfection he derives from his creations is stellar in every aspect of photography.

As he himself calls it as photo-art but Ipoenk does apply the conventional rules of photography. We do know that art doesn’t have rules and if it does have a few, photography is no distant either. Let us get to hear more from the photographer himself.

Can you please introduce yourself?

My real name is Sukron Ma’mun a.k.a Ipoenk Graphic. I am a simple man who was born and brought up in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia. I’m a professional photographer. I do Wedding photography as my profession and Photo Art is just the other side of my artistic soul.

Can you please explain the flow behind your photo art?

Photo Art for me is a form of the unusual genre of photography. This is all about a photo containing elements of drama inside it with every character nuance, be it the dramatic lighting, dense fog, or vibrant color.  I really love the idea behind a photo montage, but it is very important to apply the basic rules of photography.

Your Inspiration?

Many great photographers in the world and of course from Indonesia too, hve inspired me a lot.

Any Tips for our readers?

My principles and tips would be, Please just select a genre of photography that you love, because with love you will live and pursue it well, until finally we can provide the best and be one of the best. Keep shooting and enjoy.


























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