Dikan Gallery explores the multifaceted nature of Home in its latest exhibition: ‘Home is more than a Place’

Renowned Ghanaian-based photo gallery, Dikan Gallery, recently presented its latest exhibition, “Home is More than a Place,” an exploration of the profound essence of home that reaches beyond physical boundaries.

Through captivating images by talented photographers, the exhibition delved into the vibrant tapestry of modern African life, inviting viewers on a visual journey that celebrates the diverse perspectives and shared narratives that bind people from all walks of life together.

The exhibition captured the essence of home through the lens of photographers who have skillfully captured intimate moments, daily rituals, and shared joys that collectively define the concept of home.

From the bustling streets of Accra to the serene landscapes of Ethiopia, these evocative photographs opened windows into the lives of individuals who find a sense of belonging that transcends borders and cultures.

At the heart of ‘Home is more than a Place’ is the notion of Pan-Africanism, a dynamic movement that has shaped the African identity for centuries. Rooted in emotional, cultural, and political responses to historical injustices, Pan-Africanism seeks to reclaim and renew what has been taken from people of African descent.

This exhibition paid homage to the spirit of Pan-Africanism, highlighting the unity and shared experiences of the sons and daughters in Africa and the diaspora.

The images showcased in this exhibition inspire a reflection on the universal yearning for connection and identity, as seen through African lenses. They celebrate the strength, resilience, and complexity of the human spirit, prompting viewers to contemplate their own understanding of home.

Each piece captures unique stories of the houses many grew up in, the town they left behind, or the cherished relationships they hold dear, unfolding distant memories or a longing for a place never known, or the profound connection formed with those who share their dreams and aspirations.

“Dikan Gallery invites visitors to immerse themselves in the visual narratives presented in ‘Home is more than a Place,’ fostering dialogue, understanding, and a sense of belonging that extends far beyond the confines of the gallery space,” said Paul Ninson, curator of Dikan Gallery. “This exhibition serves as a celebration of the multifaceted nature of home, emphasizing its importance in defining our identity and fostering connections that transcend borders.”

Paul Ninson, the founder and executive director of the Ghanaian nonprofit, Dikan Center for Visual Education, developed the idea of a photo gallery and began collecting photography books while he was a student at the School of the International Center of Photography in New York.

He studied Industrial Arts at Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and fell in love with photography while in school. He revealed to Face2Face Africa, “I’ve always been an artist. I used to draw a lot. I studied visual arts in Kumasi Academy,” he said, describing his passion for the arts.

As a result of the rich oral history he was able to access during his early life, Ninson explained that he needed to find a way to express his personality and life experience. He discovered photography as a means of doing this. He later attended school in New York as a result of his passion for photography and narrative.

He founded the groundbreaking Dikan Center, which has Africa’s first photo library, a screening room, a gallery, a production room, a curriculum for Junior High Schools, and other intentionally constructed facilities to foster the creativity of African and diasporan youth.

Ninson has a mission to make visual education accessible on the continent, and a vision to educate creative leaders to transform Africa.

Dikan has gained enormous support and acclaim from all across the world despite being only a little over seven months old.