Detour: The new photobook exploring the streets

Detour: The new photobook exploring the streets

A new photobook by Melbourne photographer Adrian Whear celebrates the zany, eclectic and beautiful world of Australia’s urban environments.

Captured over a six year period from 2017 to 2022, Detour features images captured primarily in Melbourne, but also Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Broome and even Dhaka, Bangladesh.

‘Timeless’ . Whear says the character in the image evokes thoughts of Perry Mason and the old noir detective shows. “I love that the image was captured in 2018 but looks like it could have been taken early the previous century, a look back to a bygone Melbourne when Squizzy Taylor ruled the streets,” he says. Image: Adrian Whear/Supplied

“We live in a modern, vibrant city but Melbourne’s true soul still lies in its hidden alleys and lanes,” says Whear. 

The origins of the 92-page book began in Melbourne’s Covid 19 lockdowns in 2019.

“Initially I set about developing an audio visual presentation for the Bright Festival of Photography, looking at the covid experience through the lens of a street photographer,” he explains.

‘Connections’. Image: Adrian Whear/Supplied

From there, the 54-year old decided to use the presentation as a starting point to explore his ongoing street photography in a longer form.

The result is Detour, which has not only helped him re-discover his own country of Australia and home town of Melbourne, but is now in its third edition, having sold out each of the 50 copies in its first and second editions.  

Images in the self-published book were captured with a Canon 6D Mark II and a variety of lenses including 24-70 and 24-105mm zooms. 

‘Sailing against the tide’. Image: Adrian Whear/Supplied

Whear says he looks for strong visual aesthetics with a storytelling component in his work. 

“I try to make art of the scenes and streets we frequently walk past and not give a second thought,” he says. 

Detour, the self-published book by photographer Adrian Whear. Image: Adrian Whear/Supplied

You can purchase a copy of Detour direct from Adrian Whear via The book is $70. 

You can also see Whear’s AV presentation which went on to win a gold medal at the APS Autumn Nationals, below.