Adorable photo session between monkey and woman goes viral, internet reacts

Adorable photo session between monkey and woman goes viral, internet reacts


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New Delhi: Monkeys, with their irresistible charm and playful nature, never fail to captivate people. They have become beloved subjects of numerous videos that spread joy and wonder across the internet. These endearing creatures evoke a sense of fascination and delight, particularly in videos showcasing their interactions and behaviors. Among the vast array of monkey videos, there is one that stands out, captivating the hearts of netizens worldwide.

In this particular video, a heartwarming photo session unfolds between a desi woman and an orangutan monkey. The scene is a testament to the incredible bond that can be forged between humans and animals. As the camera rolls, the orangutan’s intelligence and emotional depth become evident, as it engages with the woman in a truly remarkable way.

The video captures cute moments of connection between the woman and the monkey, igniting a profound sense of warmth and joy. The monkey’s actions are nothing short of extraordinary. It wraps its arms around the woman, embracing her with a tenderness that transcends species boundaries. The monkey even kisses the woman’s cheeks, symbolizing a level of affection and trust that is deeply moving.

The woman reciprocates the orangutan’s affection, cherishing these precious moments of connection. Together, they pose for the camera, creating enchanting snapshots that preserve the essence of their bond. The images emanate a captivating blend of innocence, love, and shared understanding, encapsulating the profound beauty of interspecies relationships.

The video in question gained significant attention on Instagram a few months ago, accumulating over 10,000 views. As with any viral content, it elicited a wide range of reactions from netizens. While many found the clip to be incredibly adorable and heartwarming, there were others who expressed concerns about the welfare of the animals involved, viewing it as a form of animal torture for the sake of entertainment.

One netizen voiced their distress, stating, “This isn’t funny; these poor animals are tortured to do this, kept in captivity. It’s tragic. How cringe are the people who find clicking pictures like this with a trained orangutan.” 

In contrast, there were users who couldn’t help but find the video undeniably adorable. One individual exclaimed, “If that’s not adorable, idk what is!!!” expressing their sheer delight at witnessing the interaction between the woman and the orangutan. Another user shared their love for monkeys, stating, “I love monkeys so damn much,” which reveals a genuine appreciation for these captivating creatures.