Deep Sky Marianas: HDR Sturgeon Super Moon | Lifestyle

Deep Sky Marianas: HDR Sturgeon Super Moon | Lifestyle

Astrophotographer Joshua Brazzle introduces the new photo series he’s launching with PDN called Deep Sky Marianas.

The Sturgeon Super Moon is my first astronomical event photo I’ve taken since my transition to Saipan from Tinian. 

This image of the Sturgeon Super Moon was taken by astrophotographer Joshua Brazzle at 9 p.m. on Aug. 2, 2023, from Saipan. 

Tinian has lower light pollution than Saipan. Finding a dark place will be my biggest challenge here. It’s possible to shoot in high light pollution, but it costs a bit more in astrophotography gear. Moving to Saipan will not hold me back from what I love to do. When it comes to challenges in astrophotography, I keep on working towards improving no matter what issues I come across. I hope one day Saipan will have an official star gazing park for the community and tourists, or maybe an observatory in the future.

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