Cancer survivor continues passion for photography and enjoying life

Cancer survivor continues passion for photography and enjoying life


PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) – Lorain Fought – or “Rain” as she prefers to be called – is a four-time breast cancer survivor, two of those times with breast cancer and she is currently battling lung cancer.

Despite the many different bouts with this disease, Rain doesn’t let any of this stop her from continuing to enjoy her life.

As she continues to take up many of her passions, including one that has garnered her both local and national attention.

“I just don’t want to sit around the house,” says Fought. “I want to do something. I got to keep busy. I want to enjoy everything that’s on this Earth, one way or the other.”

After multiple fights with cancer, Fought is not letting this disease wear her down.

She continues many of her passions. One of them being photography.

Something she got back into when she got on Facebook and her friends told her how good she is at it.

Fought says, “And I’m like, ‘You know, maybe a calendar. Maybe make a calendar.’”

And since then, Rain has been churning out a calendar almost every year.

Rain says she provides roughly 150 calendars each year and they go out fast, as people love her wildlife photos.

“I love wildlife. I love nature. I love everything, I think,” says Fought. “So, I’ll go out in the woods and like – for this calendar here – some of the pictures, I sat for probably 10 hours.”

Rain’s photos are not just for calendar use though.

As her work has been featured on many publications and media. Both locally and nationally.

“And I’ve been published in ‘Birds and Bloom,’ ‘Wild and Wonderful West Virginia,’ the bird digest out in Marietta. Also, the Chicago Tribune, the Columbus News,” says Fought.

Rain says that the calendars are also more than a hobby, as she uses these for herself to track her treatments.

“If you look through mine, which you did, you’d see CAT scans, doctor appointments, blood work. You’d see all of those appointments in there,” says Fought. “And I know people do it on their phones, but I’m old school. I use a calendar.”

Fought says that the photos found in these calendars will also be used in “thank you,” “get well,” and other greeting cards at Memorial Health Systems.


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