Fans Think Tyler Baltierra’s Daughter Is His Twin in New Photo

Fans Think Tyler Baltierra’s Daughter Is His Twin in New Photo


Tyler Baltierra


Tyler Baltierra on “Teen Mom”

Tyler Baltierra celebrated his daughter Vaeda’s fourth birthday on February 21 with a heartfelt post on Instagram that caught the attention of fans.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Think Vaeda Looks Like Tyler

On Tuesday, the father-of-four shared five photos and videos of his little girl alongside a lengthy caption.

“HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY Vaeda Luma, my loud illuminating spirit of a child,” he wrote in the caption. “You’re so special & your energy is a fiery uncontainable beauty formed from nature’s hellfire but nurtured by her wisdom & strength.”

While some fans were busy wishing Vaeda a Happy Birthday in the comment section, others were focused on the resemblance between Tyler and Vaeda. Several fans commented on the post, noting that the father-daughter duo looked like twins.

“Happy Birthday Vaeda. Never realized how much she looks like Tyler,” one fan wrote.

“She is your mini,” another Instagram user wrote. 

“This little one looks like Tyler,” a third user added.

“She’s your twin,” a fourth user wrote.

Tyler Dedicates a Poem to Vaeda

Tyler’s Tuesday post is not the first time he has gushed about his daughters on Instagram.

The self-proclaimed “girl dad” shares four daughters with his high school sweetheart and “Teen Mom” star Catelynn Lowell.

They welcomed their first daughter Carly in 2009 while they were still in high school. The couple decided to put their eldest daughter up for adoption. In 2015, the couple welcomed their second daughter Novalee. Four years later, they added a new addition to the family-a daughter named Vaeda. They welcomed their fourth daughter Rya Rose in 2021.

Tyler has never shied away from declaring his love for his family on social media. He frequently shares his poems about his daughters with fans.

On September 19, Tyler shared three photos of Vaeda on Instagram alongside an original poem.

“Loud illuminating spirit, As bright as the fire inside you, Your spark is blinding to most, Your soul is buried deep treasure, Your energy like raining embers, Some feel it’s too hot to handle, But they are not your tribe, & they are not your people,” he wrote.

Tyler then described his daughter’s positive attributes, complimenting her strength and fiery personality.

“Your power is magnetic to warriors, It’s not wasteful on minds with Submissive conscience, & it’s far too strong, To compromise logic, So keep being a loud, Fiery spark of embers,” he wrote. “The right tribe will join you in the sun, Because they’ll know what I know, Which is that your love is a special one , An unwavering protection, Born from nature’s hellfire.”

Fans gushed over Tyler’s poem in the comment section and complimented the MTV star on his parenting skills.

“You are such a great example of breaking the cycle! You and your wife both have overcome so much and are now great parents and people ,” one fan commented. 

 “You are such an awesome dad! ,” another fan wrote. 

 “Tyler you are the best dad and husband! I love watching your family,” a third user chimed in.

Season 2 of “Teen Mom: Family Reunion” airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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