Best photo editing apps for astrophotography 2023

Man using one of the best photo editing apps on a laptop to edit astrophotographs


The best photo editing apps can transform average snaps into works of photographic art. All kinds of photography benefits from good image editing, especially astrophotographs. When we look up into the night sky with our naked eyes, we can make out faint sources of light, the bright light from the moon, and perhaps a sighting of a nearby planet on a clear night if we’re lucky. But with the help of the best cameras for astrophotography, we can see the much fainter glows of nebulae and galaxies. Even the best telescopes and best binoculars can’t reveal all the subtle colors and patterns that post-shoot editing using photo editing apps can.

Photo editing apps can transform your average-looking astro images into spectacular masterpieces by bringing out hidden elements. While some consider using the best photo apps to edit images to be cheating, that just isn’t the case. As 99% of astrophotographers will be shooting in RAW, the raw data captured will be just that, and often looks dull and lifeless before any editing is done to enhance what’s already there. It’s just an extra means of polishing the finished product beyond the in-camera shot.