Beach photography movement in ME looks to give back

Beach photography movement in ME looks to give back


The group uses profits from beach photography to generate a stream of donations to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

WELLS, Maine — Maine’s rocky coastline is often the subject of beautiful photographs, something that inspired Wells local Matthew Rainey to pick up photography as a hobby a few years ago. 

Rainey started to take photos of southern Maine’s beaches, sharing them online with friends and family. And it didn’t take long for the photos to gain traction and for others to join in. 

“It just started, you know, taking pictures with a cell phone,” Rainey said. “Just doing pictures here and there, and then I just got a lot of encouragement from the Wells community.”

But instead of turning a profit, Rainey and his crew had a different plan: to give back to the state he fell in love with. 

“That’s when we started thinking, well maybe we can turn it into something that we can benefit Make-A-Wish from?” Rainey added. 

After founding the Facebook group “Maine Beach Photos,” Rainey and others started to display and sell their photos through prints, decor and photo books for Make-A-Wish’s Maine and New Hampshire chapters.

So far, the group has generated $12,000 dollars for the foundation. 

The group has even partnered with small businesses such as Salt Water Farm and the Wells Harbor Shellfish Lab. 

“They send us updates, on the good that it’s doing,” co-worker and Make-A-Wish liaison Peter Parisey said. “You wanna do more, and that’s why we didn’t make it a one-off. We wanted to continue and build.”

With no signs of stopping, both Parisey and Rainey hope continue to inspire others to find their own niche to give back, or join in on the movement. 

“You’re among all of this beauty. Grab a camera, and keep practicing,” Rainey said. 

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