Artist Stephanie Rew Creates Figurative Paintings With Gold Adornments

Artist Stephanie Rew Creates Figurative Paintings With Gold Adornments

Stephanie Rew is a talented painter based in Edinburgh, Scotland who has garnered attention for her exquisite figurative portrait paintings. Her work often features textured gold details, adding a touch of luxury and drama to her already impressive pieces.

Stephanie’s love for historical art is evident in her work, as she draws inspiration from a range of artistic movements, including the Baroque style of oil painting, Ukiyo-e Japanese wood-cut prints, and the Scottish Arts and Crafts movement. She also incorporates her interest in theatrical costumes and couture garments, using them to add texture and design to her paintings.

In her recent work, Stephanie has begun to explore the relationship between reflective gold leaf surfaces and fully rendered oil paintings, creating a unique and eye-catching effect. Her paintings are often without a specific narrative, instead allowing the viewer to interpret and create their own story from the visual elements presented.

Stephanie’s dedication to classical techniques and her willingness to learn from the past make her an artist to watch. Her paintings are a testament to the timelessness of art and the power of creativity to bridge the gap between different artistic movements and time periods.

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