30 Witty Drawings by Yuval Robichek

30 Witty Drawings by Yuval Robichek

Here are the 30 Witty drawings by Yuval Robichek that shows “See Life in a New Light”. Witty drawings are a type of artwork that use clever and humorous ideas to convey a message or express an emotion. They often feature clever wordplay, puns, or visual jokes that are designed to make the viewer laugh or think in a new way.

Yuval Robichek, an Israeli artist, can tell stories only with one picture. Although there are no words in his comics, they say a lot if you look closely enough to find the hidden meaning behind the seemingly simple image. Absolutely, you guys will love the comics so much after comprehending them. So, read on to explore more about artist Yuval Robichek and his amazing works.

Scroll down and enjoy yourself. Check Yuval’s Instagram for more amazing work.

You can find more info about Yuval Robichek:

#1 Don’t Jump :))

#2 Everything is better in pairs

#3 Yup. Nice and comfy-best shared

#4 Smart baby

#5 Masks should cover NOSE AND MOUTH

#6 Hahaha also me

#7 Adorable

#8 Spooning. Never a negative experience

#9 Lemme choose your hairstyle for today

#10 Art…imitating life. Will we ever learn? There is no imitation for life

#11 When you’ve found the one!

#12 I would move mountains for you

#13 Home

#14 Took me a while to get it…

#15 Who’s the spider now?

#16 Yay cycles!!

#17 She wants to be unabridged


#19 Sinking house

#20 We reap what we sow

#21 And that is how our ecosystem was destroyed as they drove further and further cutting every tree they could

#22 Cool

#23 Haha that would be me…

#24 Can’t have one without the other

#25 It can be sometimes

#26 Make your own destination point, love it!

#27 Line dancing for the adventurous!

#28 Half of me wants to be in the water, half of me wants to stay on the beach

#29 Husband with horns

#30 Awww!

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