30 Breathtaking Winning Images Of Sports Photography Awards 2023

30 Breathtaking Winning Images Of Sports Photography Awards 2023

Photography allows us to freeze unique moments in time, unattainable by any other artistic medium. This truth holds especially strong for sports photography. Thus, today, we are delighted to present the finest sports photographs of this year.

The World Sports Photography Awards have unveiled their laureates from a pool of 700 participants. A total of 24 categories were featured, spanning from basketball to motorsports, encompassing urban scenes and venturing into the realm of the extreme. In each category, the champions were honored with prestigious gold, silver, or bronze distinctions.

Moreover, the competition recognized 3 outstanding photographers as the ultimate victors, securing gold awards within their respective categories. Standing at the pinnacle of overall winners is Patrick Smith, his golden achievement captured through an image of a golfer amidst the billowing clouds. Octávio Passos claims the silver crown, while Phil Noble secures the bronze in this esteemed category.

We extend our invitation for you to explore the collection of specially merited images on the official World Sports Photography Awards website. As for the triumphant champions, we invite you to peruse the selection below and share with us which among these evokes your deepest admiration.

Scroll down and insire yourself. Click Full Gallery link to view entire set of photographs.

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#1 Overall Winner, Silver: “Justine Dupont” By Octávio Passos

#2 Tennis – Category Winner, Gold: “Coco Gauff” By Scott Barbour

#3 Overall Winner, Gold: “Sky Drive” By Patrick Smith

#4 Golf – Category Winner, Silver: “Mayakoba” By Héctor Vivas

#5 Gymnastics – Category Winner, Bronze: “Jennifer Gadirova In Full Flight” By Victor Joly

#6 Aquatic – Category Winner, Gold: “Sparkle” By Anna Szilágyi

#7 Basketball – Category Winner, Silver: “Wsp_022-001” By Mariano Pozo Ruiz

#8 Martial Arts – Category Winner, Silver: “Fencing” By Pavel Bednyakov

#9 Other – Category Winner, Bronze: “Walk The Sky” By Axel Rosas

#10 Rugby – Category Winner, Silver: “Sideswipe” By Evan Treacy

#11 Tennis – Category Winner, Bronze: “Going To Miss You” By Shaun Brooks

#12 Winter – Category Winner, Silver: “Orbit” By Cameron Spencer

#13 Aquatic – Category Winner, Silver: “Kathleen Dawson” By Ian Macnicol

#14 Cricket – Category Winner, Bronze: “Catch It!” By Andrew Cornaga

#15 Motor Sports – Category Winner, Bronze: “Kalle Rovanperä Portugal” By Hannu Rainamo

#16 Other – Category Winner, Gold: “Climbing Silhouette” By Julia Roger-Veyer

#17 American Football – Category Winner, Gold: “The Final Kick” By Kevin Sabitus

#18 Athletics – Category Winner, Bronze: “Tunnel Vision” By Simon Stacpoole

#19 Basketball – Category Winner, Bronze: “The Scudetto” By Mattia Ozbot

#20 Cricket – Category Winner, Gold: “Surrounded” By Philip Brown

#21 Formula 1 – Category Winner, Silver: “Charles Leclerc Australia 2022” By Andrew Hone

#22 Racquet Sports – Category Winner, Silver: “Li Shifeng Smash” By Shi Tang

#23 Basketball – Category Winner, Gold: “Cameron Crazies” By Andrew Hancock

#24 Boxing – Category Winner, Gold: “Leti Leti V Conor Wallace – Flying Mouth Guard” By Darren Burns

#25 Athletics – Category Winner, Silver: “World Records” By Morgan Treacy

#26 Venues & Views – Category Winner, Silver: “Van De Walle Butcher” By Ashley & Jered Gruber

#27 Urban & Extreme – Category Winner, Bronze: “Don’t Look Down” By Cody Shimzu

#28 Ice Hockey – Category Winner, Silver: “Symmetry” By Bruce Bennett

#29 Water – Category Winner, Bronze: “Bottom Turn” By Matrix Images (Nic Bothma)

#30 Urban & Extreme – Category Winner, Silver: “Above The Sun” By Henrique Casinhas

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