16 Most photo-worthy spots in Boise!

16 Most photo-worthy spots in Boise!

Whether there is sun or snow, the city is a fantastic refuge for outdoor enthusiasts yearning for city conveniences. During the summer, Boise’s proximity to nature allows residents to enjoy activities such as floating down the Boise River or hiking in the mountains. Winter activities are merely a 15-minute drive away on the Bogus Basin slopes during the winter months.

In Boise you will find some beautiful attractions that you just cannot miss! Places like Snake River Valley, Julia Davis Park, and Taco Bell Arena and many more. Continue reading to know more.

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Valley of the Snake River AVA is an American wine region covering a south-west portion.

The Snake River joins Hells Canyon north of Boise, a steep, scenic, rapid-strewn gorge that slices through Idaho’s and Oregon’s Salmon River Mountains and Blue Mountains. The river exits Hells Canyon and heads west, flowing through eastern Washington’s Palouse Hills. The Snake River flows from Wyoming into southern Idaho before turning north toward the Idaho-Oregon boundary. After that, the river crosses Washington and flows west to the Columbia River.

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Julia Davis Park is a municipal park, known as the first park in the

This municipal park was established in 1907 with a donation to the land by Thomas Jefferson Davis. It was part of what was then envisioned that the plaza will become part of the competition of designs on its centennial celebration. The new square is located in a center of the park along the Mallway between the Zoo Boise and rose garden. It has a bronze medallion of 4″ diameter with a seed and root marking the start of Boise City and the park.

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Taco Bell Arena is now recently named as Extra Mile Arena and it is located in the campus of Boise State University.

It has gone through several name changes. From BSU Pavilion to Taco Bell Arena and now it is known by the name ExtraMile Arena. BSU’s multi-purpose indoor arena is located on the east end of the Idaho campus. Concerts and other activities are held at the stadium.

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A lovely historic Spanish-style building worth seeing, that is the Boise Depot.

The Boise Depot houses the famed Platt Gardens and is maintained by the Boise Parks and Recreation Department as a public ceremonial or gathering place and historic site. It was once a train station in Boise, Idaho, in the western United States. On the west wall is the original 1925 Barkalow Brothers Newsstand. The newsstand has been lightly repaired but is otherwise unaltered.

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Literally get a breath of fresh air while watching Shakespeare’s plays.

The Idaho Shakespeare Festival is a must-see event for those who love a healthy dose of classic theater while enjoying the outdoors. Many historians say this is how 16th century playwright William Shakespeare wanted his plays to be enjoyed. Grab your friends and family as you explore the heroism and tragedy of Shakespeare’s characters while you enjoy having a picnic. For those who love their theater hip and more relatable, some of the plays in this festival feature a modern twist. Once you run out of food, a nearby restaurant is available for your convenience. Drop by around June to September and see for yourself how Shakespearean classics look better under the sunlight.

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Boise State University, home to the Broncos, holds an enviable position with regards to its sporting events.

Home to state-of-the-art unique athletic facilities, Boise State also houses a spectacular recreation center. This center includes the renowned Bronco Stadium, with its iconic blue turf. Their list of renowned sporting teams include everything from basketball and football to women’s gymnastics and cross country.

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Learn to respect human rights at The Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial.

A memorial inspired by the faith in humanity is the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial in Boise, Idaho. A statue of Anne Frank in life-size is standing in the center was cast by the sculptor Greg Stone. Regular education programs on human rights are organized in the park besides the park is also used for marches, rallies and protests.

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Enjoy Boise and hop aboard a replica open-air trolley car – The Boise Trolley Tours.

This 75-minute tour is entirely narrated and includes downtown Boise history, Warmsprings Rd, Hyde Park, and the East End. Jump in and join the Original Boise Trolley Tour which is not only great for tourist but for locals as well who wants to introduce to kids or learn more about Boise, Idaho.

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Albertsons Stadium is the official stadium of Boise State University in Idaho.

Those interested in watching an exciting match of college football should drop by at the Albertsons Stadium in Idaho. It is located at the heart of Boise State University and serves as the official home field of Boise State Broncos of the Mountain West Conference.

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Boise Greenbelt is a beloved public park that features a 25 mile tree lined pathway.

Boise Greenbelt in Boise is a well loved park that features a 25 mile pathway line with towering trees. The park also offers scenic views and beautiful scenery perfect for visitors who love nature. It also offers easy to the city’s popular riverside parks.

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Boise Art Museum is known for showcasing unique ceramics and contemporary art.

Boise Art Museum is located in Boise and contains different exhibits of contemporary art and ceramics. It also has amazing galleries where people can marvel at different paintings. Its building is also surrounded by nice greenery and towering trees that is perfect for relaxing after a day at the museum.

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Visit one of the top attractions in Idaho, the Basque Museum and Cultural Center.

Basque Museum and Cultural Center gives a glimpse into the heritage of Basque communities of Idaho and surrounding areas. It aims to preserve, promote and perpetuate Basque History and Culture. Through this museum, guests would be able to learn more about Basque history and culture and appreciate it more.

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Idaho State Capitol houses the Idaho government and located in the middle of the city skylines.

Idaho State Capitol, located in Boise, is the home of the government of Idaho. It is known for having a dome rising more than 200 feet high into the skies. Many visit the building not only due to its beautiful architecture and design but also for its rich history of legislation.

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From 1872 to 1973, the Old Idaho Penitentiary State Historic Site served as a working jail.

The old Idaho Penitentiary began as a single-cell building in 1870, when Idaho was still a State. Residents were put to work quarrying local stone and planning and designing new structures to enlarge the penitentiary over the years. The penitentiary gradually expanded from a single-cell prison to 15 buildings holding over 600 prisoners. After two major protests over living conditions in 1973, the inmates were transferred and the jail was closed. The penitentiary was added to the National Register of Historic Places the same year.

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Memorial Stadium is a famous stadium in Boise where exciting and heart pumping baseball games.

Visitors who want to watch an exciting match of baseball should visit the Memorial Stadium. The stadium, located in Boise, is known to be the home field of Boise Hawks of the Independent Pioneer League. Visitors would definitely have a pleasant time in the stadium as its facilities are constantly improved.

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Century Link Arena has been the headquarters of the Idaho Steelheads of the ECHL since 1997, having opened 24 years ago.

Idaho Central Arena is a multi-purpose arena in Boise, Idaho, in the western United States. CenturyLink Arena is right in the center of downtown Boise, just minutes away from shopping, restaurants, and other local businesses. CenturyLink Arena is the Northwest’s most innovative indoor sporting and entertainment venue. CenturyLink Arena is conveniently located in the center of downtown Boise.

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