Winning Photos Of The Independent Photographer’s Travel Photography Contest 2023

Winning Photos Of The Independent Photographer's Travel Photography Contest 2023


Explore the outcomes of the Travel Photography Awards presented by The Independent Photographer, held in July and August 2023. During this vibrant summer season, we sought images that captured the essence of a place in all its magnificence, evoking cherished memories. Regardless of the subject – be it Street, Portrait, Landscape, or Documentary photography – we aimed to embark on a visual and intellectual journey through your lens!

Our distinguished judge for this event was none other than Steve McCurry, a luminary in contemporary photography for over three decades. His unparalleled body of work encompasses iconic images that have left an indelible mark on our times. McCurry’s portfolio spans the spectrum from documenting conflicts and preserving vanishing cultures to exploring ancient traditions and contemporary life. Throughout, he maintains a profound connection to the human element, a quality that imbued his iconic Afghan Girl image with its extraordinary power.

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#1 Winning Photographer By Stefano Lotumolo – $1000

Travel Photography Contest Winners

Goli Dance” – Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast: Goli is a traditional African dance and masquerade of the Baoulé people of the Ivory Coast. Over 24 hours all Baoulé villages play music and the dancers wear four different types of masks, all of which refer to the social and generational structure of the society.

#2 Second Prize By Emilio Fuliotti – $600

Travel Photography Contest Winners

“Football pier” – Mabul island, Sabah, Malaysia – Boys of the Bajau Laut tribe, or ‘Sea Nomads’, are playing football on their village pier, on the island of Mabul, in Malaysia. Needless to say, the ball was more often in the water than on the pier…

#3 Third Prize By Shyjith Onden Cheriyath – $400

Travel Photography Contest Winners

“Tradition” – Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates – Every winter at Ras Al Khaimah, camel handlers take their camels into the sea for a wash and bathe. The saltwater helps rid the animals of parasites. Bathing camels in this way is an old Arab tradition, but it is becoming less common in the region due to the construction of new hotels and resorts along the coastline.

#4 Didier Vanderperre – Finalist

Travel Photography Contest Winners

“Sunrise at Cox’s Bazar” – Bangladesh – On a clear day the sun rises at Cox’s Bazar fish market.

#5 Ivo Danchev – Finalist

Travel Photography Contest Winners

“Kukeri tradition” – Rila, Bulgaria – Every winter, masked dancers, dressed up in goat skins perform pagan rituals. The masks allow the dancer to become a supernatural being and to enter the spirit world where he chases away the evil spirits of the old year and brings blessings and health to the new year. it is an ages-old tradition which is still well preserved around Bulgaria. There are more than 10,000 Kukeri organized in small groups around Bulgaria.

#6 Lorenzo Perotti – Finalist

Travel Photography Contest Winners

“Pray above the clouds” – Ladakh, India – Two little monks follow the puja, or morning prayer, in the monastery of Hemis, in Ladakh, India.

#7 Lonav Bharali – Finalist

Travel Photography Contest Winners

“Well Rested” – Guwahati, India – A fisherman is taking a power nap in the quiet of the afternoon.

#8 Eduardo Ortiz – Finalist

Travel Photography Contest Winners

“Ghats and souls” – Varanasi, India – Early morning scene capturing the reflection of pilgrims, seemingly walking on the horizon in Varanasi, India.

#9 Henryk Welle – Finalist

Travel Photography Contest Winners

“Everflow” – Southern Thailand – Aerial view of an exceptional sunrise in south Thailand

#10 Parna Baharali – Finalist

Travel Photography Contest Winners

“Existence” – Within the frame of existence, I find myself positioned at a juncture where the very essence of choice unfolds. The road diverges, each path a symphony of promises and tales, inviting me to step into their narratives of uncharted realms and boundless wonders. Here, in this crossroads of destiny, the interplay of paths and decisions weaves the tapestry of our voyage, a testament to the profound intermingling of direction and daring within the tapestry of life’s odyssey.

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