Why MPB is the best one-stop-shop for all your photography needs this Christmas (and beyond)

Why MPB is the best one-stop-shop for all your photography needs this Christmas (and beyond)




Photography can be a daunting hobby for newcomers and experienced shutterbugs alike. With so many cameras and lenses to choose from (many of which will happily drain your wallet without a second thought), it can be tricky to navigate the photography gear minefield.

Enter MPB — a world-class photography equipment platform that allows photographers from all skill levels to buy and sell equipment to help them evolve and grow as their creative skills and interests change and develop. Designed from the ground up with a passion for photography at the forefront of everything, MPB offers near-countless benefits for users compared to the traditional method of buying everything brand-new.

But don’t just take our word at face value — let’s take a closer look…

Old dogs, reliable tricks

If you’re not used to buying used photography and video equipment (or anything else, for that matter), then we don’t blame you for having any trepidations. But unlike a pair of used hole-riddled trainers that slurp up puddle water with unfortunate gusto, properly cared-for photography equipment will serve users well for generations, with no degradation in performance whatsoever.

It’s not uncommon, for example, for photographers to snap up second, third or even fourth-hand lenses, achieving the same sharp, crisp, superb results as the day the lens was first unboxed — and all for a fraction of the RRP. On average in fact, prices at MPB are 30% cheaper than those for brand-new equipment. And if you need any extra piece of mind, you can rest assured in the knowledge that all MPB products undergo rigorous tests and assessments by trained product specialists, so that everything works flawlessly. If that wasn’t enough, each product also has images available for you to peruse from every angle, letting you see exactly what you’re going to get. With ratings from ‘Like new’ to ‘Well used’, there won’t be any surprises — just superb bargains.

Overall, when you think about the fact that you’re getting the same performance for less, buying used equipment suddenly seems like an incredibly sensible choice, especially in these particularly budget-conscious times. Throw in MPB’s free six-month warranty, which is included as standard with each purchase, and the company’s accumulation of thousands of five-star ratings on Trustpilot, the idea of buying used equipment becomes an iron-clad no-brainer. Savings aside though, there’s also another important factor to consider:

It’s more sustainable

Sustainability awareness has never been higher — and with good reason. Today, more of us are actively thinking about the products we buy, where they’re coming from, and their impact on the environment. And with research showing that there’s a staggering £1 trillion worth of unused tech lying around in homes across the UK, EU and US, there’s a massive amount of untapped potential to give perfectly useable tech a new lease of life. To put that gargantuan figure into a more relatable perspective, on average, a single adult has around £1,736 worth of unused tech, with the figure jumping to £2,618 for Gen Z and Millenials. Despite these eye-opening figures, 60% of those surveyed have never traded a used tech item. Even without diving deeper into the figures, it’s clear to see the circular benefits of trading and buying used tech like camera equipment. Sellers get to net some extra cash, and buyers save money while reducing waste in the process. It’s the very definition of a win-win.

Each year, MPB recirculates and rehomes more than 300,000 cameras and lenses, breathing new life into perfectly healthy, usable pieces of equipment. Not only does that mean that something like a beloved lens can enter the next chapter in someone else’s life, but it also means a reduction in needless waste.

Combined with MPB’s insistence on plastic-free packaging (made from 100% recyclable and recyclable materials), it’s clear to see why buying and trading used equipment is better for more than just your budget, but great for the environment too.

Beyond helping users trade used equipment, MPB also applies its passion for sustainability at an operational level too, with renewable energy making up more than 50% of the electricity it uses, with an aim to reach 100% by 2025. With an ambition to reach net zero carbon for all buildings, data centres and couriers by 2035, sustainability is a core foundation of everything it stands for.

An amazing gift for every budget

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself to a new camera or lens, or are on the hunt for a special present to light up the creative photographer or videographer in your life, MPB has you covered.

Because buying used equipment is so much more affordable, you can afford to stretch your budget further, buying better, more advanced equipment to really nail the Wow Factor. Watching someone’s face light up when they’ve received an even better gift than the one they were expecting never gets old. And if you’ve bought it for yourself, even better.

Unleash your creativity

Whether you’re looking to upgrade to more advanced equipment as you hone your skills, or just starting out on your creative journey, MPB is by far the best destination to help you get the tools you need to express yourself to your fullest — and this goes far beyond offering physical equipment. MPB’s original content hub, for example, is the perfect place for enthusiasts, newcomers, and veterans to come together to get inspired and share their work. From competitions and inspirational interviews, to kit guides, tips, podcasts and a whole lot more, it’s one of the best places for content creators to get inspired and hone their skills.

Ultimately, there’s something quite beautiful about giving things like cameras and lenses new homes, letting newer generations of creatives capture the world as they see fit. With MPB’s passionate support team on hand too, users can rest assured that all levels of experience are catered for.

With every brand under the sun available in its vast catalogue, there’s something there for everyone. Have a browse, find your perfect kit, and happy shooting.