Victorious Kidss Educares students organise photography contest

Victorious Kidss Educares students organise photography contest


PUNE: To create more awareness among both children and adults on the welfare of animals, a photography contest has been organised by the students of Victorious Kidss Educares (VKE). The Preparatory Years Programme (PYP) students at VKE are currently preparing for their upcoming exhibition on the topic, “How we express Ourselves,” with the theme of “100 Languages.”, a statement issued by the school said. One group of students is focusing on photography, exploring different types and elements of photography, and developing their skills with the help of mentors and teachers.

As part of their exhibition initiative, the PYP students from the photography group have also organized an online photo contest–‘Nurture the Nature’. They’ve used their ICT skills to create a website for the contest, where contestants can upload their photos and make online payments. The proceeds of this contest will be donated by the students towards animal welfare. Participants can submit up to two photographs of their choice on or before February 22.


The contest aims to encourage students, parents, and teachers to explore the beauty of nature and showcase their unique perspectives through photography. The initiative has created a buzz of activity and enthusiasm among the student community, with students using their creativity and innovative ideas to organize and execute the contest.

By taking charge of the event, the students have gained valuable leadership and organizational skills, while also learning about the importance of social responsibility and community engagement. The photo contest has allowed students to delve deeper into environmental and animal welfare issues and come up with creative ways to raise awareness.