Vanguard announce two new travel tripods

Vanguard VEO 3T 265HCP


Photographers and birdwatchers alike are set to enjoy enhanced stability and convenience with the introduction of two new 26mm leg-diameter travel tripods designed for spotting scopes and photography. The VEO 3T 265HAP (aluminium) and the VEO 3T 265HCP (carbon) tripods are equipped with an Arca-compatible 2-way pan head, ensuring maximum stability and ease of use for both amateur and professional photographers.

Featuring an Arca-compatible base, these new tripods enable excellent compatibility with a wide range of baseplates and L-Bracket that feature the Arca design.

The control over the camera position can easily be adjusted by means of the two locking knobs, one for tilt and one for panning. The permanently attached pan handle eliminates the risk of losing it while on the go and conveniently folds into the legs when packed away to avoid obstruction.

Measuring just 44cm when folded, the tripods are compact and lightweight, with the aluminium model weighing as little as 1640g. This makes them perfect for packing in a suitcase or even hand luggage for photographers constantly on the move. Despite their compact size, the tripods can extend to a maximum height of 1.6 meters, or 1.2 meters, with the central column down. 

The 26mm legs can support up to 6kg, making them ideal for even the tallest birdwatcher or photographer using a heavy spotting scope.

The tripods also feature a retractable hook at the base of the central column, allowing users to attach additional weight for added stability. This design feature especially benefits those capturing images in challenging outdoor conditions.

Photographers looking to create videos with their cameras can also benefit from these new tripods. The easy-to-use panhandle and smooth motion make capturing professional-quality video footage a breeze. For increased versatility, one of the tripod legs can be converted into a monopod, while a low-angle adapter and attachable spiked feet are also included.

The 2-way pan head is designed for both landscape and portrait shots, thanks to the Arca-compatible QS-65 quick-release plate with four sides. To capture portrait shots, users simply need to push the head forward to a position where the camera points toward the ground, then attach the camera pointing left or right.

Those seeking a lighter and smaller alternative can consider the VEO 3T 235AP (aluminium) or the VEO 3T 235CP (carbon) models, which feature a 23mm leg. With maximum heights of 154cm (60″) and 163cm (64″) for the aluminium and carbon models, respectively, these tripods offer a more compact option while maintaining the same robust support.

The VEO 3T 235AP and VEO 3T 235CP models weigh 1650g (3.6 lbs) and 1500g (3.3 lbs), respectively, making them a lighter choice for photographers prioritizing portability. 

The aluminium and carbon models have an RRP of £219.99 and £279.99, respectively, while the taller VEO 3T 265HAP and VEO 3T 265HCP models are priced at £249.99 and £319.99.

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