Top five spots where dining meets nature

Top five spots where dining meets nature

Dining with breath-taking views of nature makes the entire experience memorable, check out these five spots where the food syncs with the ambience so beautifully

Schweizerischen Bundesbahnen, Switzerland
Travelling by train in Switzerland is all about gorgeous scenic views merged impeccably with the gastronomic emphasises of the nation. The menus in the dining cars and bistros of Schweizerischen Bundesbahnen (SBB) look like an epicurean expedition through Switzerland and scores tops with freshly made local and cyclical dishes such as the prevalent Swiss ‘Birchermuesli’ or a ‘Risotto Ticinese’, Fruit Nectar from Valais or Zurich Ragout. A distinct acme is the Swiss wine that is bottled solely for SBB. These dining cars and bistros are on IC and EC trains distinct with the relevant sign and are operational from 6 AM until 9 PM. Most of the enjoyable food can be picked up and relished at the seat too. Highly recommend the panoramic Glacier Express (Rhatische Bahn), simply the best!

Glacier Express Excellence Class, Switzerland

Riverside Bbq, Amankora Bhutan
If you are chasing river and forest views, you will certainly find them at Amankora Punakha lodge in Bhutan. The exterior of this sanctuary seems like a sumptuous garden patio situated on a hillside. But if you’re able to pry your eyes away from the beautiful interior for a minute, you’ll also see that this curated restaurant offers unreal views of the river. Take a seat on one of the plush chairs, order yourself a selection of Momo’s and a plate of fresh Ema Datshi, and raise a toast to the views before you. As you dine on the BBQ dishes made with the premium ingredients from local suppliers, order a glass of rose and inhale in that mountain air. All tastes better from the sunny alfresco table, ideal for kicking back and savouring in that the slayer view.

Amankora Punakha, Bhutan – Riverside BBQ lunch

Sip Tea Lounge, Amingiri Maldives
A modern tea establishment that hugs tea philosophies from round the world. From a scrumptious Silver Needle to the potent black teas of South Asia or the organic glistening teas of Denmark, SIP at the brand-new Hilton Amingiri in the Maldives has a tea experience anticipating for all ages. This glamorous heaven is merged with earthy hues of comfy couches, surrounded by the Ocean. You can try the diverse blends of tea along with a light snack. You can request the Chef for some Local Maldivian short eats as well. It is the perfect spot to curl up with a book or design your itinerary for the day.

Hilton Amingiri Maldives, Sip Tea Lounge exterior

Ninive, Dubai
One of Dubai’s trendier Middle Eastern restaurants. . . . No trendiest! This spectacular space is a tranquil haven on the western borders of midtown. The gently lit setting, glowing candles that silhouette the bar and the covers that trigger the light to fall in sprinkled pattern offer a gorgeous background to the fresh pan middle eastern cuisine. Each dish is exceptional, but the Zaatar chickpea dip; tender fried eggplant, festooned generously with zingy chermoula, crispy garlic and smoked bell pepper is stellar. Then there’s the bewitchingly Turkish coffee milk cake, which make for the immaculate finish to a captivating meal. Finish with a round of Turkish coffee for the concluding hit.

Hot & Cold Mezze at Ninive

Seaweed Foraging Lunch, Ireland
Join this experience in Ballintleva to understand the aquaculture of Ireland! Post a stroll alongside the seaside coast foraging for some eatable plants with Sinead, the owner’s daughter guiding you through each plant; you head to the abalone farm and gets an up-close look at popular and workable aquaculture farming. The best part is tasting the Atlantic. Indulge in the delectable menu which comprises a Seaweed Salad and Tempura with some tea to wash it all down. Top off the tasting with some homemade seaweed cookies for dessert!

Seaweed Tempura, Rossaveal

Rupali Dean is a food & travel writer based out of Delhi.