The Best Wide Angle Lenses for the Panasonic S5

The Best Wide Angle Lenses for the Panasonic S5


Panasonic cameras allow you to be creative in ways that many other full-frame camera systems don’t. For example, Panasonic cameras have different ways of emulating the look of movie film. And beyond that, the Panasonic S5 can do cool things like Live Composite to make astrophotography super fun. But if you’re going to do this kind of work, you need wide angle lenses. Thankfully, we’ve reviewed most of them! Here are the best wide angle lenses for the Panasonic S5.

How to Use This Guide to the Best Wide Angle Lenses the Panasonic S5

Here’s what you should know about using this guide to the best wide angle lenses for the Panasonic S5:

  • This guide contains products we’ve reviewed. Lucky for you folks, we’ve reviewed the vast majority of Panasonic lenses and modern lenses in general. Our Ethical Practices don’t allow us to feature products we haven’t fully reviewed. So when we say these are the best wide angle lenses for the Panasonic S5, we mean it.
  • This guide is sponsored by Panasonic, who trusts us and understands that we have a set of ethics when it comes to reviewing products. All the product images and sample images in this roundup were shot by Phoblographer staff. There are also links to our full reviews.
  • These are the best wide angle lenses for the Panasonic S5 if you’re looking for smaller lenses. We think you’ll love the build quality, size, and overall performance.
  • There are lenses in this list that work well with Panasonic’s autofocus features and many have continued to improve with firmware updates.
  • When considering the best wide angle lenses for the Panasonic S5, remember this is full-frame, otherwise known as Lumix S. So, unlike Micro Four Thirds, the focal length is exactly what it is.
  • Generally speaking, Panasonic lenses work better on Panasonic bodies than they do with others within the L-Mount Alliance. Part of this has to do with the motors being used.
  • We’ve chosen lenses with weather-resistance. Weather resistance has more use than just shooting in the rain. It helps prevent dust from getting into your lens and camera. That means you don’t need to retouch sensor dust.
  • These lenses are for full-frame Panasonic cameras, which the Panasonic S5 is! So they’ll also work on Leica and Sigma L-mount cameras too.
  • With these lenses, you can pretty much do everything with the Leica L-mount. We should know; we own two of them.
  • Basically, treat these like you’re using a higher-end lens. They give that level of performance for a bargain.

Panasonic 16-35mm f4 Lumix S Pro

  • Small
  • Amazingly lightweight for an L mount lens
  • Sharp optics
  • Weather sealing
  • Nice feeling in the hand
  • Focuses very fast!

In our review, we said:

I really like the colors from the Panasonic 16-35mm f4 PRO. I still think Panasonic has lenses with even better tint though. However, for small documentary-style setups, cityscapes, or landscapes, you’ll be happy. As stated earlier, we really like the look of the images with L Monochrome D enabled.

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Panasonic 24mm f1.8 Lumix S

  • Sharp
  • Beautiful colors
  • Images require minimal editing when using film simulations
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Weather-resistant 
  • Versatile focal length

In our review, we state:

Images are sharp through the center of the frame with softer edges when shooting wide open. At f2.8, the sharpness is extended through most of the frame. And while the 24mm lens offers plenty of detail, it isn’t too sharp for portraits.

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Panasonic 35mm f1.8 Lumix S

  • Nicely sharp, with good bokeh
  • Minimal distortion
  • Easy to use
  • Weather-sealed
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Decent autofocus

In our review, we state:

The only two controls are for manually focusing — the AF/MF switch and the focus ring. The Panasonic S5 menu allows you to customize the speed of the control ring, as well as how far the ring turns to move through the range of possible focal distances. In non-linear mode, the ring turns slowly. That, coupled with focus peaking on the S5, made it easy to manually focus with excellent accuracy. The linear mode focuses much faster, but that makes it more difficult to get perfect focus.

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