The Best Cameras, Lenses, and Photography Gear for 2022

The Best Cameras, Lenses, and Photography Gear for 2022


It has been a fascinating year for the camera world. Lots of great new cameras came out and lots of exceptional lenses hit the market. While the camera market doesn’t feel stable and keeping the pace with how it used to be, that doesn’t mean good products didn’t hit the market. As we do for every Thanksgiving, we’re releasing our Editor’s Choice product awards. Here are the best cameras, lenses, and photography gear.


Our staff is strict when it comes to rating cameras and gear. Typically, something has to be without any faults to earn our Editor’s Choice award. We relaxed that stance a bit this year, but I didn’t give the Canon EOS R7 and Fujifilm XH2 Editor’s Choice awards because I’m waiting for firmware to fix their issues. Nikon’s Z9 has fixed a lot of its problems, but we haven’t gotten one in for prolonged testing. However, three cameras really stood out to us this year.

Of any of the top of the line cameras, the Canon EOS R3 is probably the best. It boasts the most innovation and is clearly capable of consistently nailing the shot. DJI has always impressed us with how good their products are. And the Fujifilm XH2s excels in multiple ways.


We’re proud of our lens reviews. That’s for good reason; we’re the publication with the most of them. This year, we’ve been more or less going into factory production mode when it comes to lens reviews. Lenses this year took a fascinating turn too. Brands actually started to listen to what photographers want! Lenses have become less clinical these days, and there’s finally more variety. Japanese manufacturers have understood that folks want character, so things have started to change a bit.

In the case of Sony and Fujifilm’s newest lenses, things are more clinical. But from other brands, we’ve started to see the return of lens character qualities many have craved. Additionally, we’re starting to see the return of tilt shift lenses. Earlier this year, Fujifilm announced that those are coming for GF format. We’re excited! And we’re expecting Canon and Nikon to announce some next year.

Photography Gear

There isn’t a complete list without extra gear that we find great, and so here it is!

As many long time readers will know, we’ve reviewed tons of camera bags. There are some brands we purposely don’t touch for ethical reasons, but most are better at this. Additionally, there’s gear that supports what photographers use, like MacBook Pros and cards. And finally, everyone loves film!

We’ve had a lot of fun testing cameras, lenses, and gear this year. And we hope that you enjoyed reading!