The Aquarium of the Pacific’s 25th Anniversary Photo Contest Is Now Afloat – NBC Los Angeles

The Aquarium of the Pacific’s 25th Anniversary Photo Contest Is Now Afloat – NBC Los Angeles


What to Know

  • 25th Anniversary Photo Contest
  • Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach
  • Submit your nature-inspired snapshot online through April 10; the first-place winner will receive $500

Where do you “escape to nature” around Southern California?

There might be a particularly gorgeous beach you call upon as frequently as you can, or an oak tree in the Santa Monica Mountains you like to sit beneath as a hiking respite, or a favorite canyon that is filled with bewitching shadows just before the sun sets.

Wherever that place is for you, you can definitely say you have a special connection, a lasting bond with your glorious go-to spot.

The Aquarium of the Pacific is honoring our “connections with nature” this spring by holding a 25th Anniversary Photo Contest, a snapshot-cool showdown that will have a few different dimensions.

Something especially awesome? The “top ten” of the submitted bunch will go on display at the Long Beach aquatic destination on May 26, and they’ll remain on view for the remainder of 2023 (a good long while, indeed).

And oh yes: There are prizes for the top three winners, starting at $500 for first place. The winner in the second slot will be awarded $250, and the third-place winner will enjoy $100.

There are a few good tips and rules to know before you head out with your camera. Most importantly? You’ll be able to submit one photo by April 10, and you’ll do so online.

Checking the sizes and specifications before you press “Submit” is also a must; start here.

Knowing that the aquarium, a famously watery realm filled with otters, sharks, crustaceans, and kelp, is behind this might suggest that only splashy snaps, the kind captured at the shoreline, will be accepted, but that isn’t the case.

This contest is very much about the nature around us here in Southern California, and we can experience that nature in many places, from local parks to our yards and, yes, the beach.

Read up on what the contest is all about, how to send your best picture, and all the details you’ll need and want.

Happy 25th, Aquarium of the Pacific! It’s a sea-lebration we’re ready to dive into, all year long.