The 10 Best Space YouTube Channels in 2022

The 10 Best Space YouTube Channels in 2022


Key Facts

  • With a subscriber count of 10.7 million, NASA’s channel is the largest there is. It is suitable for adults and children and covers space missions as well as interviews.
  • Elon Musk’s SpaceX is next with 6.1 million subscribers. The main focus of the channel is space travel and exploration and clips from blockbusters covering similar themes are also featured as well.
  • The Science Channel has 4.38 million subscribers and is a more varied affair compared to certain competitors. In addition to astrophysics, and space exploration, the channel also covers other subjects including paleontology and archeology.

The year 2022 is right here, and so are the best space YouTube channels. YouTube has become the go-to for a whole range of topics, and space is no exception. YouTube has everything from NASA documentaries to clips from your favorite sci-fi movies. It’s also a veritable goldmine of amazing fan videos that further expand the space experience.

With so many awesome channels to choose from, we put together a list of the best ones on there. These channels are the best out there as voted by viewers, so buckle up and get ready to be taken on a wonderful journey through the final frontier.

10. Space News Pod – 89.3k Subscribers

If you love space news and want to educate yourself while watching documentaries and listening to podcasts, then Space News Pod is the channel for you. For more than 5 years, they’ve been presenting some of the best space news on the net. From news about the Vesta Space Probe to the latest updates in space exploration, this channel is a must-see.

Space News Pod cover everything from NASA’s missions to happenings on the International Space Station. So, if there’s a new mission or announcement about space, this channel will be your first point of call. Indeed, this is the perfect channel for any kind of general news related to space and technology.

9. Space Googlevesaire – 324k Subscribers

Space Googlevesaire is dedicated to the most famous Google search for all things space. It’s a great idea and a pretty useful channel as well. Googlevesaire provides an up-to-date overview of all the latest news about space exploration using the Google search engine. This allows users to see all the latest news from different sources.

One cool thing about this channel is that it allows you to interact with other space fans, and Google even adds little Easter eggs for space enthusiasts. The channel is updated with almost 18 videos every month and will be your best source of information regarding the ISS.

This channel also posts some amazing videos about space exploration, especially NASA missions. If you need deep space background knowledge, this is where you want to go. Space Googlevesaire is also one of the best places to go when it comes to news relating to space exploration and technology.

8. – 463k Subscribers

If you’re looking for three things: astrophotography, space news, and loud space noises, then is the channel for you. Indeed, this channel is the one that will answer your need for loud space noises. The channel has been up for a few years but only recently became popular. features a variety of videos from the most famous space programs, including NASA’s missions and discoveries. If you’re interested in space exploration, this is your channel. One of their most popular videos is a compilation of Earth from the International Space Station.

They also have a video showing star trails in the Atacama desert, and one of their most popular videos is a short but sweet clip about the Apollo 9 mission. Another one of the most popular videos on the channel is a compilation of Saturn and its moons. is owned by Joe Barnard, who’s obsessed with all things astrophotography and astronomy. He posts a wide range of content, from awesome pictures of the Milky Way to cool documentaries about NASA missions. He also posts space-related stories from other people and news websites.

7. Primal Space – 512k Subscribers

Primal Space is an excellent YouTube channel dedicated to all things space. From the latest updates in astronomy to some of the best documentaries and news, this channel covers the full range of space knowledge. It has a huge variety of videos, so no matter what you want to watch, you’re bound to find something awesome here.

Primal Space has a very active user base, with thousands of messages sent daily to the channel. They also post many videos about space and astronomy and space news, such as the latest updates from the International Space Station.

If you love space and want to learn more about it, this is definitely the channel for you. It’s updated almost every day, so it’s one of those channels that will always have something new and exciting for you to watch.

6. European Space Agency, ESA – 903k Subscribers

The European Space Agency (ESA) is one of the most famous space agencies in the world. This is their official YouTube channel, and it features a wide range of videos that you can access with just a click. They post a lot of space-related subjects, including trips to Mars, the International Space Station, and more modern topics, like how astronauts wash their hair in space.

Their videos cover all things space, so if you want to be up-to-date with what’s happening in space exploration, then this is the channel for you. The channel also posts many interesting interviews with astronauts who share their personal experiences.

The channel is updated regularly, and they have over 900,000 subscribers. So, if you’re interested in space and want to know more about some amazing discoveries, then ESA is a great channel.

There are tons of great space-related YouTube channels out there, covering everything you could possibly want to know on the topic. ©Dima Zel/

© Provided by History Computer
There are tons of great space-related YouTube channels out there, covering everything you could possibly want to know on the topic. ©Dima Zel/

5. SciShow Space – 1.44M Subscribers

SciShow Space is the fifth most popular science channel on YouTube. It’s a channel filled with everything from space documentaries to astronaut interviews. The channel is updated with almost two videos a week and covers everything from outer space news to the latest discoveries in astronomy and space exploration. They also post a lot of cool photos of space, including the NASA image of the day. The channel features a wide range of videos, from NASA’s missions to the latest updates from space programs.

SciShow Space is a great channel for anyone interested in space exploration, with solid facts and background knowledge on just about every topic. They explain some pretty complicated things in a simple way, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. This is another channel that posts amazing space-related videos, like the latest discoveries made by the Hubble telescope.

This channel is updated almost daily, so you’ll never have long to wait before finding something new. If you’re interested in space exploration, this is your channel.

4. VideoFromSpace – 1.63M Subscribers

VideoFromSpace is a YouTube channel that posts original documentaries and interviews with astronauts and NASA missions. It also features some amazing photos of space and an unusual collection of videos that are strange enough to keep you entertained.

This channel is updated often, so it’s one of those that you really need to check out at least once every few weeks or so. The channel even features astronauts and NASA missions that have never been released before so that you can learn more about different space missions.

This channel is unique because they also post videos about space news and facts about NASA missions, such as the latest updates on the International Space Station. If you love space exploration and want to learn more, this is definitely the channel for you.

3. Science Channel – 4.38M Subscribers

The Science Channel is the third most famous science channel on YouTube. This channel covers a wide variety of science-related topics, from astronomy and paleontology to biology and history. These channels feature the latest news, videos, and other activities from the Science Channel. If you are a science enthusiast or just like to know about a few facts about space, these channels are for you.

This channel features a series of videos that document the ISS and its progress, beginning with its inception. The channel also features many other amazing videos about space exploration and astrophysics. This channel is also one of the oldest on this list and one of the best-rated by its viewers.

2. SpaceX – 6.1M Subscribers

The latest addition to the famous SpaceX channel is none other than Elon Musk himself. This is the second best space YouTube channel out there, as it’s from a space company that just conducted their several crewed test flight and successfully deployed and landed a rocket booster. This channel is also home to some amazing clips from movies like Interstellar, Gravity, and The Martian, among many others.

With more than five videos posted every month, the channel is still growing and getting more and more popular. Videos from this channel include everything from SpaceX’s latest accomplishments in space to documentaries about life on Mars and other space exploration.

What this channel is famous for is its huge fan following, mainly comprised of Elon Musk’s supporters or fans. This channel also covers everything related to space exploration and space travel. In short, this channel is worth getting those views.

SpaceX has its own YouTube channel that is growing pretty quickly. ©Evgeniyqw/

© Provided by History Computer
SpaceX has its own YouTube channel that is growing pretty quickly. ©Evgeniyqw/

1. NASA – 10.7M Subscribers

More than 10 million subscribers to this channel is pretty impressive, considering NASA has been around since 1958. The videos posted on the NASA channel are meticulously put together and typically feature some celebrity talking about space. The videos are often quite informational and can be scary when watching from a distance.

The YouTube channel’s reach is massive, and it is the most popular YouTube channel overall. NASA has also featured a number of famous faces, including Bill Nye, George Takei, and James Earl Jones.

NASA’s YouTube channel entertainment videos consist of numerous space programs. They include missions to the moon, Mars, and other planets, as well as space shuttles and even a walk on the moon. What’s great about the channel is that you can watch it with your kids, but you’ll learn something new yourself.

NASA’s YouTube channel often features interviews with celebrities speaking about space and space exploration. ©Everett Collection/

© Provided by History Computer
NASA’s YouTube channel often features interviews with celebrities speaking about space and space exploration. ©Everett Collection/

Summary of the Best Space YouTube Channels in 2022

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