Ashton pupil scores certificate of excellence for birding photography

One Ashton International pupil is showing huge promise in photography.

Grade 7 pupil Haydn Mc Clure has been doing nature and bird photography for about 18 months, and is a member of Ballito Photo Club, where he has recently been promoted to a two star.

He is also a member of PSSA.

Haydn with his PSSA certificate.

Photographers can apply twice a year to the PSSA for a Certificate of Excellence.

Haydn applied for his COE in September to the PSSA Youth mixed panel, and was awarded the certificate of distinction.

Red-billed Quelea. Photo: Haydn Mc Clure.

His passion lies with bird photography and he is a passionate birder, as are his mom and dad.

His birding life list is on 350 and he has become adept at identifying birds.


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