Stunning Photo Series By Dipanjan Chakrborty

Beach Life - Photo Series By Dipanjan Chakrborty

In peninsular India, the coastal area plays a pivotal role in the country’s GDP growth and per capita income. The Coastal area acts as a major tourist place in India. A lot of people make their living around the sea beach. A major part of working class people depends on the tourism department of sea beach. Huge number of people are engaged in various livelihoods which are often seen in sea beaches.

Beaches are beautiful and almost everyone under the sun will agree with this fact. From entertainment, commerce, and transportation to recreation and relaxation, all purposes are fulfilled here. The point with beach business is that you have to be socially relevant and economically sound and aware to operate a business here. Also, beaches require you to have appropriate licensing requirements and be conformed to certain standards of quality, precision, and duties.


















About Dipanjan Chakrborty

I am Dipanjan Chakrborty. I am Kolkata based street and documentary photographer. I have been documenting Kolkata for the last few years. As a photographer, my perspective remains to explore street photography as a key to reach the common people and their lives. I love to tell stories through my lens.

Every frame tells a story but when we create a story within a frame, it makes the frame more beautiful. After being a street and documentary photographer my course of life has entirely changed. I have started photography from my childhood. But I have had a craze for photography since my childhood, whenever I could get a mobile or camera from anyone I would always try to capture my surrounding people and their daily life.

I love to see photos daily, in social media I used to watch various kinds of pictures from different countries and different photographers that helped me to increase my knowledge. When I make a plan to go out for a shoot, first I used to make research on that particular subject or project on which I am going to do my work, then I used to make a plan on that particular place and time when my shoot takes place, because time is more important in street photography. But sometimes when I go out with my equipment I capture various candid moments on the street. I am using a Sony A6000 mirrorless camera right now. I have used a DSLR earlier but mirrorless is giving me such a great output, especially in low light mirrorless is a revolution.

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