Step With Caution: 20 Jaw-Dropping Staircase Photos

Step With Caution: 20 Jaw-Dropping Staircase Photos

Here we present a collection of captivating and visually stunning images that showcase the beauty and artistry of staircases from various locations and architectural styles. These photographs offer viewers a glimpse into the world of staircases as more than just functional structures; they become pieces of art and unique expressions of design. But at the same time the users have to proceed with caution.

The collection may include a diverse range of staircase types, such as grand spiral staircases found in historic palaces and cathedrals, modern and sleek staircases in contemporary buildings, intricate and ornate staircases in old mansions and castles, and even natural staircases carved into mountains or cliffs.

Scroll down and enjoy yourself. All photos are linked and lead to the sources from which they were taken. Please feel free to explore further works of these photographers on their collections or their personal sites.

#1 When The House Lights Go Down, Good Luck

Image source: Arlo Dykstra

#2 A Set Of Steep Stairs Each Step Alternates So That You Can Only Really Put One Foot On A Step At A Time. It’s Also Nearly A Straight Down Angle

Image source: Martin Ellis Everett

#3 Do They Know That Wheelchair Users Don’t Normally Bunny Hop?

Image source: David Harvey

#4 I Wanna See Someone Try This In Heels

Image source: Maria Lewandowska

#5 The Staircase You Take An Enemy Down

Image source: Greta Peterson

#6 Oh No, I’ll Jump, Thanks

Image source: Bec Collier

#7 Left, Picture Of Stairs From Top-The Wood Planks Run Parallel To Stair Edges Seemingly Forming A Flat Surface. Right, Steps Viewed From Bottom After Fall

Image source: Stanna Sims Edwards

#8 When You Don’t Have Enough Space For Stairs! Brilliant Child-Friendly Space With An Observatory Tower Incorporated By Arch. Hiroshi Okamoto

Image source: Kahli-Ann Douglas

#9 Sthairs

Image source: Madison Elaine Kruse

#10 An Unusual Cuboidal Stairway In The Little Village San Augustin Etla, Oaxaca, Mexico (Vernacular Architecture) They Are Made Out Of Red Stone And In Six Alternating Columns. The Ankle Twister

Image source: Nanners Foster

#11 The ‘Stairs Of Death’ Are A Section Of Stone Steps Built By The Incas, Which Lead To The Top Of Huayna Picchu, In Peru, Which Is One Of The Steep Mountains That Overlooks Machu Picchu

Image source: SuperSoul Ever

#12 Yeah, That Is A One-Story Home For Me

Image source: Brad Blackwell

#13 My Shins Hurt Looking At This

Image source: Ria Josephine

#14 Honey What’s Wrong, You Haven’t Gone Down The Stairerslide Today

Image source: Victor Merriam

#15 I Just Fell Down These In My Mind And It Sounded Like Someone Hitting A Gong In A Very Uncoordinated Way

Image source: Victor Merriam

#16 This Made My Stomach Swoop

Image source: Adrianne Robbennolt

#17 “Stairs” Designed By Francesco Librizzi. It’s Really More Of A Treacherous Ladder. I’d Consider Going Up These. Would Not Be Interested In Going Down Them

Image source: Eve Bensky

#18 I Can Already Feel The Concussion

Image source: Greta Peterson

#19 Stairs For People Who Aren’t Afraid To Die And Who Enjoy The Nauseating Feeling Of Vertigo

Image source: Devin McLachlan

#20 Love My New Apartment But These Are The Stairs Leading Up To The Loft. They Feel More Like A Ladder Because Of How Steep They Are. Don’t Get Me Started On How We’re Going To Move Furniture Up There

Image source: Beth Carmen

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