Starmus announces astrophotography school

Starmus announces astrophotography school


Four experts will gather in Slovakia May 2024 to discuss the latest imaging techniques in the field.

The 7th Starmus Festival will take place in Bratislava, Slovakia, May 12–17, 2024. The organizers of Starmus are pleased to announce that in association with Starmus, we will again hold an astrophotography school to discuss imaging techniques enthusiasts can use to capture their own portraits of the night sky.

Organized by Michael Bakich, contributing editor of Astronomy Magazine, the astrophoto school will feature talks by three prominent expert astroimagers, and it follows the successful astrophoto school that took place at Starmus VI in Yerevan, Armenia, in 2022. Bakich is author of 14 books on astronomy and an expert, among other things, on solar eclipses. Bakich will open the school with a talk on what Astronomy Magazine editors look for in successful images of astronomical objects.

Three expert photographers will also present talks at the clinic. They include Damian Peach, world renown as one of the greatest planetary imagers on Earth, famous for his pictures of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and other worlds. Peach has a career that spans 30 years and will speak on a beginner’s guide to planetary imaging, a planetary imaging workshop, and on imaging comets.

Another veteran imager, Chris Schur, has been capturing portraits of the cosmos for more than 40 years. His photos have appeared in Astronomy magazine and in countless books. His specialties are comets and deep-sky objects. Schur will present talks on introductory wide-field imaging, introductory deep-sky imaging, and intermediate level deep-sky imaging.

Further, Martin Ratcliffe, former President of the International Planetarium Society and a regular columnist in Astronomy Magazine, will speak at the workshop. He has filmed total eclipses for various cinematic projects, is a planetarium production expert, and an avid amateur astronomer and skyshooter. Ratcliffe will speak on an introduction to solar imaging, creative panoramic astroimaging, and shooting for the Moon.

We look forward to many eager participants joining us for the Astrophotography School! More information will be forthcoming on