Shooting Stars! N-Photo 144 on sale today

N-Photo issue 144

With the days getting shorter and nights drawing in, it’s the perfect time of year to try your hand at astrophotography. Dave Williams shares his top advice for shooting the Northern Lights, Milky Way, star trails, moonscapes and night landscapes.

Autumn is also in its full throes, so we took our apprentice to the Wimpole Estate in Cambridgeshire for a landscape masterclass under the expert guidance of Carmen Norman, showing how to best capture the beauty of autumnal colours.

In our Big Test, we try out eight photo backpacks for size. Our Gear Section also hosts our annual Christmas Gift Guide, packed with ideas for Christmas gifts – be it for photographer family or friends, or simply treating yourself. Plus we rate the remarkable Viltrox AF 23mm F1.4 Z – a bargain lens with full autofocus capability for crop-sensor mirrorless Nikons that’s ideal for street photography.

Our skills section is packed with projects, explaining when to switch your metering mode from Matrix, advice for going on a photo hike, how to shoot a high-octane rally race, plus our Big Project on zoom blending landscapes, to place emphasis on subjects in a wider scene, along with our usual Adobe CC and Affinity Photo tutorials.

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