See The Winning Pics Of 2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

See The Winning Pics Of 2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


See The Winning Pics Of 2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Around 5,000 entries from more than 85 countries were submitted this year.

With up to 5,000 entries from across the globe, this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are back with a variety of hilarious images. The awards were founded in 2015 by professional photographers and conservationists Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam to showcase light-hearted photography and the importance of wildlife conservation.

This year an image of a three-month-old lion cub falling out of a tree has been named the overall winner. The moment was captured by Jennifer Hadley in Serengeti, Tanzania. 


“Not So Cat-Like Reflexes” Jennifer Hadley titled the image.

Ms Hadley also won the Affinity Photo 2 people’s Choice Award for her image of a standoffish penguin snubbing his mate. “This was shot on the Falklands Islands,” she wrote on Instagram.


Ms Hadley titled the image “Talk to the Fin”.

A brilliant image of two grey triggerfish won the Underwater category. The image was captured by Arturo Telle Thiemann. “A couple of triggerfish looking into the camera, captured at the Azores. Even though they may look funny, these fish can be quite aggressive. In this case they didn’t attempt to bite me, but the domeport of my camera housing ended up with some scratches… life is hard… at least it wasn’t me who was hurt,” Spain’s photographer Arturo Telle Thiemann wrote.


Mr Thiemann titled the photograph “Say cheeeese”. 

Jia Chen won the Amazing Internet Portfolio Award for her series of photos depicting a Cooper’s Hawk playing football with a pine cone in Canada.


This photo was taken in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada. “Kick Off,” Ms Chen titled the image. 

The image of a serene heron oblivious to the wide jaws of a hippo yawning behind it won the Creatures of the Air Category Award for Jean Jacques Alcalay. “I took this picture at a water point in Kruger National Park in South Africa,” the photographer said. 


“Misleading African viewpoints 2” Jean Jacques Alcalay tilted the image. 

Arshdeep Singh won the Think Tank Photo Junior Category for his shot of an owl winking inside a pipe. “Few hundred miles away we went to explore the wildlife of a small town named ‘Bikaner’. It was after almost a year that I travelled because of covid. We hired a guide to explore places around. During the last day of our trip we came across a pipe in a city where we spotted an owlet,” he said. 


In the image, an owl appears to wink in Arshdeep Singh’s “I C YOU, Boy”. 

Meanwhile, ten other wildlife photographers earned Highly Commended honors from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, including Michael Eastwell, Miroslave Srb, Federica Vinci, Jagdeep Rajput, Emmanuel Do Linh San, Ryan Sims, Alex Pansier, Mark Schoken, John Chaney and Martin Grace.

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