Seattle Eastside Bright Stage by Hamilton & Co.

Seattle Eastside Bright Stage by Hamilton & Co.


The best part about my job (other than witnessing beautiful spaces and interiors firsthand) is meeting incredibly talented designers and stylists. Erin Vernon of Hamilton & Co. is not only a powerhouse of styling prowess, but also one of the kindest humans on the planet. Her design skills are so good that you don’t even notice the level of intentionality and detail. You know when you see something so perfectly as its whole that the smaller pieces blend in seamlessly so that you’re not looking at a collection of items but rather experiencing an entire feeling? That’s walking into one of Erin’s projects.

This stunning project on the Seattle Eastside was so much fun to photograph. Erin worked with the abundance of natural light to create an airy, light and crisp interior space that you just want to live in. Each room has its own flavor but everything works together to create a cohesive vision for a potential resident.

Staging: Hamilton & Co.

© Provided by Emily Keeney Photography