Save up to $900 on these festive Unistellar telescope deals

The Unistellar evscope 2 telescope which is on offer this black friday

Unistellar and Amazon are offering one of the best festive deals we’ve seen as their eVscope 2 telescope is $900 off (opens in new tab) while their eQuinox telescope is $600 off (opens in new tab) until Boxing Day 26 December 2022.

From December 8 through to December 26 these smart telescopes are on offer. So if you’re looking for a high-end, high-spec, powerful telescope now is the time as you can either get $900 off their eVscope 2 (opens in new tab) model or save $600 on Unistellar’s eQuinox telescope (opens in new tab).

This time of year is always great for telescope deals and trying to bag a bargain on the best telescopes around. The appeal of these telescopes is their ease of use, their power, the sophisticated design and the use of technology all contributing to an out-of-this-world stargazing experience. If you want to take a look at more fantastic deals on telescopes that are more suitable for a smaller budget check out our guide to the best budget telescopes under $500.

It’s easy to look at the huge amount of money off these two telescopes and see the value in these deals, but what makes the telescopes worth getting? Well, the specs on these scopes are enough to make you want these alone, and the savings might just tempt you. Both make use of an app and because of the sophisticated technology, not much experience is required as they can auto-detect night sky objects for you to view.

While these aren’t like traditional telescopes, the two do share similarities with each other. Firstly, the eVscope 2 which you can save $900 (opens in new tab) on offers its users a lot of power for the price. The telescope operates solely through the use of a smartphone so it’s fantastic for astrophotography too. It also comes with 7.7MP enhanced image resolution and a Nikon eyepiece so there’s no need to purchase any extra astrophotography equipment. 

Focusing on the eQuinox telescope and the $600 saving (opens in new tab), it has a focal length of 450mm and a digital magnification of up to 400x meaning that given its wide field of view, deep-sky and faint objects like star clusters, nebulas are clearly visible. What’s more, there’s a light pollution reduction system so you’ll even have a good star gazing experience in built-up areas. 

These are highly sophisticated telescopes and although they come in at the higher end of most budgets, they are both huge holiday discounts. With savings of $900 and $600 respectively, these discounts are not to be missed so easily.

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