Samsung’s trolling of Apple is kind of cringeworthy

Samsung's trolling of Apple is kind of cringeworthy


There was a time when brands thought carefully before criticising rivals in ad campaigns. Knocking copy was seen as poor sportsmanship and there was always the risk that highlights a rival’s weaknesses rather than your own strengths could backfire. 

That seems to have change of late, and it seems Samsung just can’t stop mocking Apple. Even if it’s not very clear what it’s point is. It’s just rolled out another batch of Apple-bashing adds that don’t say a great deal about its own products (for example of truly clever ads, see our pic of the best print adverts.

A still from a Samsung advert mocking Apple

The poor iPhone can’t join the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4’s in their Mexican wave (Image credit: Samsung)

Now, we’re totally here for a bit of banter between brands. We’ve seen some hilarious fun poking in recent years – remember Ikea’s cheese grater ad? or KFC’s Ikea ad? But they were funny. Samsung’s latest digs at Apple just feel a little desperate.