Photoshop gets generative AI tool in major Adobe update

Photoshop gets generative AI tool in major Adobe update


Adobe has updated Photoshop to incorporate its Firefly creative generative AI technology via a new Generative Fill tool, allowing users to add, extend or remove content from their images with simple text prompts.

The integration of the Firefly-powered Generative Fill tool will automatically match the perspective, lighting and style of your images, promising to speed up your workflow. What’s more, Generative Fill edits in a non-destructive way, creating new content in ‘generative layers’ that allow you to reverse the edits without damaging your original image.

Adobe says the new generative AI tool in Photoshop will enable users to explore more creative possibilities and test concepts.

Firefly is trained on Adobe Stock’s hundreds of millions of high-res licensed images, which are safe for commercial use and won’t infringe on other people’s intellectual property.

Photoshop’s new AI Generative Fill tool is available in the desktop beta app today and will be generally available in the second half of 2023. Generative Fill is also available today as a module within the Firefly beta app.