Photography skills for schoolchildren

Photography skills for schoolchildren



The Pakistan Museum for Natural History (PMNH) has envisaged an initiative to impart photography and videography skills among school-going children to capture and film the beauty of nature.

“The students will be imparted photography and video-making skills under the newly conceived project titled, “Media Project for Conservation of Environment and Nature”, PMNH Director General Dr Saima Huma Tanveer said.

“These students will be trained on capturing different aspects of environment and nature including flowers, birds, mountains, rivers etc”, she said.

“The use of social media platforms among students of all ages is at its peak who seem to be interested to create their own Youtube channels, TikTok and Facebook accounts for the sake of fun and money making. However, they seem to be clueless about what should they portray or project on these platforms. app

Published in The Express Tribune, March 20th, 2023.