Photographer Roeselien Raimond Captures Breathtaking Bird Photos That Surrounded By Nature

Photographer Roeselien Raimond Captures Breathtaking Bird Photos That Surrounded By Nature

Roeselien Raimond is a Dutch photographer, living in one of the most densely populated areas of the Netherlands, where finding nature is somewhat of a challenge. Here in this article, she shares 33 breathtaking bird photos that surrounded by nature.

In her words “My approach to photographing foxes does not fundamentally differ from capturing birds. I just immerse myself in the species and I try to capture their personality or specific properties. Although you can roughly say that the level of intelligence of an animal determines the complexity of its character, every species has its own intriguing characteristics. Whether it concerns foxes or birds; I have a preference for a certain ‘connection’ with an animal. I like to take personal and intimate photos and I prefer an animal to be completely comfortable and just doing what it would do without my presence.”

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#1 The Rorschachtest, Starling Murmuration

#2 Little Owl, Big Eyes

Living amidst the hustle and bustle of one of the Netherlands’ most densely populated areas, Roeselien Raimond has always faced the challenge of reconnecting with nature. Her professional journey has been a delicate balance between art and psychology, driven by a deep fascination for both realms. While nature was a constant presence in her life, it quietly occupied the background, not demanding much attention.

#3 We Are One

#4 Blue(S)

In her initial role as an Art Therapist, Roeselien combined her creative skills and psychological expertise to assist individuals, particularly young children, in coping with their mental challenges.

Over time, her focus shifted towards the creative sphere, leading her to become a self-taught designer. This journey culminated in a successful career in web design, where she crafted stunning visual experiences for delighted clients. However, as the computer screen claimed an ever-growing portion of her time, nature found itself relegated to a modest corner of her life.

#5 Morning Has Broken

#6 Golden

Ultimately, Roeselien’s longing to chart her own path, one in which nature would occupy a more central role, prevailed over the allure of a lucrative and successful career.

#7 Angry Bird


#9 Holy Heron

#10 Borb (Bird-Orb)


#12 Dreamy Duckling

#13 Spread Your Wings

#14 Rendez-Voud At Sunrise

#15 Free As A Bird


#17 We Are Family

#18 Teal And Orange

#19 Rouge-Gorge

#20 Empty Spaces


#22 Agreeing To Disagree

#23 Bittern Times

#24 Has Somebody Seen My Tail?

#25 High Speed Hummingbird

#26 Black-Crowned Night Heron

#27 Mellow Yellow

#28 Early Morning Magic

#29 Awakenings

#30 Winter Wonder Dance

#31 Dipping

#32 Narcissus

#33 Early Bird

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