Photographer Captured Heartwarming Father-Child Relationships Around The World

Photographer Captured Heartwarming Father-Child Relationships Around The World

Photographer Gabriele Galimberti captured heartwarming father-child relationships around the world. A talented photographer hailing from Italy, renowned for curating poignant and thought-provoking visual narratives. In this latest endeavor, he has skillfully immortalized fathers across the globe, frozen in tender moments of shared joy with their beloved children. Drawing from the wellsprings of his own formative years, Galimberti’s intent is to unveil the myriad tapestries of parenthood, emphasizing the unique and profound connections parents forge with their offspring.

In his memories “It’s a Saturday night in late February. The year is 1986. I am eight-and-a-half years old and I’m getting ready for bed. I’m very excited for the morning to arrive. That’s because, in just a few hours, something will happen that’s been happening almost every Sunday for the last year. I’ll feel my father’s hand on my shoulder, shaking me awake as his voice says, “Gabri, wake up! It’s six o’clock. We’re going fishing.” For over a year, ever since my mom gave my dad a little fishing boat, this has been our Sunday routine – my father and I, alone or sometimes with friends, head out to Lake Trasimeno.”

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#1 Maniche, Haiti

Jhonny Labossièrie (32) and Jiounelca (2)

#2 Berlin, Germany

Alessandro Kola (40) and Teresa (10)

#3 Tokyo, Japan

Takeshi Masuma (40), Luna (7), and Nene (3)

#4 Wadala Slum, Mumbai, India

Rizwan Shaikh (24), Zafinah (3) and Zeenath (3 months)

#5 Mumbai, India

Tirupati Pogla (32) and Yashika Pogla (5)

#6 Florence, Italy

Paolo Woods (45), Enea (5), and Sara (2)

#7 Portland, Oregon, USA

Galen Malcolm (24) and Leon (3)

#8 Hon Atsugi, Japan

Rea (6), Takayasu (39), Yushi (4), Ryota (9), Kota (6) and Masami (43)

#9 Barcelona, Spain

Jordi Luque (38) and Rai (4)

#10 San Francisco, California, USA

Francisco (51), Jonathan (48), and Tallulah (5)

#11 Kuldiga, Latvia

Eriks Oficier (43) and Renate (8)

#12 Florence , Italy

Davide Woods (42), Noah (8), and Ian (2)

#13 Mexico City, Mexico

Sergio Colin (44) and 3 children

#14 Belgium (Photo Taken In The Red Sea, Egypt)

Jan Huygens (41) and Roos Eline (5)

#15 Xiamen, China

Gu Tao (36) and Gu Zi Auxan (5)

#16 New Taipei City, Taiwan

Chang Lin Tsai (38) and Ming Shiang Tsai (4)

#17 Cahuita, Costa Rica

Michael Chamarro Suarez (32), Johan (7), Jamie (5), Sofia (5) and Giulia (1)

#18 Vevey, Switzerland

Jason Singer (39), Juliette (10), and Lenny (7)

#19 San Francisco, California, USA

Jared Katz (37), Isadora (7) and Roscoe (4)

#20 Woolsthorpe-By-Colsterworth, UK

Dean Colyer (49), Alisha (13), Harugy (10), Gracie-Lee (9) and Hilly (7)

#21 Bogotá, Colombia

Manuel Villa (39) ,Elias (2), and Lila (7 months)

#22 Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Ilio Gezmeil (40), Donalson (17) ,Wisline (11) and Mirma (2)

#23 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Fouad Kuyali (35),Mazen (4) and Julie (2)

#24 Taichung, Taiwan

Chung Mang Che (40), Chung Jui Han (9),Chung Kai Eing (8) and Chung Jia Ying (6)

#25 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Esteban Israel (45), Niko (11) and Oliver (5)

#26 Male, Maldives

Hussain Riyaz (32) and Aishat Eshal (7)

#27 Barcelona, Spain

Ignacio Martin (42), Dan (10) and Flavia (8)

#28 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Vik Muniz (55), Francesco Bonelli (12) and Dora (4)

#29 Breda, The Netherlands

Raoul Oomen (43), Tijn (6) and Ole (4)

#30 Austin, Texas, USA

Timothy Klatt (32), Ogden (6), Amity (4), and Lillian (5 months)

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