Photo exhibition beckons nature lovers to Kottakkunnu

Photo exhibition beckons nature lovers to Kottakkunnu

A boy taking a close look at a photo of a dog in pain while being pecked at by two crows, displayed as part of a nature photo exhibition at Lalithakala Akademi Art Gallery, Kottakkunnu, Malappuram, on Sunday.
| Photo Credit: SAKEER HUSSAIN

An exhibition of two select photographs of 30 nature photographers being held at Lalithakala Akademi Art Gallery at Kottakkunnu, Malappuram, has become an instant hit with the holiday crowds reaching the tourist destination.

The exhibition has everything to make a viewer stand agape at the unfathomable depth of nature. From extra close-up shots of animals to nature’s hidden abstractness, the photos on display have something for everyone.

“Ooh… I can’t stand this. So sad,” sighed an 11-year-old boy after taking a close view of a photo by Saji Cherukara depicting an injured dog whining when being pecked at by two crows.

Each photo on display speaks a lot. “That’s the specialty of nature. When a photographer with some skills and passion approaches nature, they often get wonderful results,” said Haris T.M., a member of the Lightsource Camera Walkers, the group that organised the exhibition.

The exhibition titled Exposure 2022 has been the 10 th edition of the annual event by the Lightsource Camera Walkers, a collective of nature photographers from across the State. “We have been doing it every year both in Malappuram and Kozhikode,” said Mr. Haris.

A gathering of photographers, writers and artists held on the courtyard of the Art Gallery discussed various approaches being adopted by those involved in nature photography.

When leading lepidopterist Balakrishnan Valappil described how he ignored and circumvented many larger objects while focusing on butterflies, senior photographer Sabari Janaki shared his experience of approaching nature with careful attention to small details.

“It all depends on our approach and attitude. A photographer with a passion and will can shift his lens from micro to macro in seconds,” Mr. Janaki said.

Cinematographer Prathap Joseph, a leading figure of the Lightsource group, said that different people would observe different things in a single location. “Some might miss the wood for the trees. That’s the case with nature photography. A photographer who focuses on a small animal might miss even a tiger,” he said.

M.A. Latheef, K.P.A. Samad, Sreeni Elayoor and P. Somanathan spoke about their travel life. “At first, I carried a camera as part of my travel. Now I travel along with my wife Fayroos for the sake of photography,” said Mr. Latheef.

“Travel helps us a lot in shaping our personality and perspectives,” said Mr. Samad, who travelled widely across the country. According to Mr. Elayoor, photography, travel and writing are three specialty departments with potential to contribute to each other’s strength.

The exhibition will conclude on Monday.