Pathway to the Stars, through the Badlands – David Lane Astrophotography

Pathway to the Milky Way through the Badlands


Pathway to the Milky Way through the Badlands

Pathway to the Milky Way through the Badlands



The Badlands are an interesting place, sometimes when quite dry they appear nearly colorless, sometimes after some rain, they sprout color and have a completely different look. This night was after a recent rain and the colors were much more interesting than the last time I went bay here.

I was on my way back from my western travels and it appeared I could make the Badlands before nightfall. I was wrong. It was pitch black out by the time I arrived at Panorama Point. I climbed out of Jimmy and the wind was quite stout, probably 20-30 mph. The temperature in the 60s combined with the wind made it rather nippy. But the real worrisome thing apart from being on the edge of a cliff at night in a windstorm was the sign as I started to walk out the walkway to the overlook. 


That will get your attention. Sitting on the edge of a cliff holding the tripod leg in a windstorm for 45 minutes to gather this picture was well, interesting. As the camera reset for each new row of the 42 images I flicked on my headlamp to look around. I wasn’t sure making noise due to the wind was helpful but I sang random songs just in case. Have I mentioned I hate rattlesnakes?

I saw rattlesnake scat laying about but fortunately no actual rattlesnakes. Distant clouds were still in the area from previous rain and cleared a bit as I took the ground images. Enjoy a haircurling image!


Specs 42 images (24 sky) 18 ground), f1.8, ISO 10000, 55mm