Packet Camera Club photos of Cornwall wildlife and nature

Packet Camera Club photos of Cornwall wildlife and nature


THIS week’s Packet Camera Club comes to you in the first week of December, which means only one thing, Christmas is well and truly on its way.

With the weather turning decidedly colder, coupled with darker evenings, it’ll come as no surprise that our member’s submissions have taken a more wintery turn.

Despite this, we hope our selection of Packet Camera Club member’s fantastic photography will help to keep you warm over the coming months. 

Honourable mentions this week go to Mark Quilter for his spectacular image of late afternoon waves at Porthleven which is dripping with atmosphere.

Also getting an honourable mention this week is John Chapman for his beautiful image of a buzzard up at Penndennis Headland, seemingly staring into John’s soul. 

Remember to check in next week when we’ll be bringing you even more of our members’ stunning photography and imagery.

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